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Feeling Fab :0)

Ok, so absolutely shattered (not helped by the fact the kidlets came launching in at 3am!) but I've got through 2day with very little stress & worry. My other half has been a star, washing this, cutting that, opening this etc & the kids have been bouncing around like mad banshees while various family members have popped in & out exchanging gifts & I've had a REAL smile on my face, not a fake 1, trying 2 keep every1 happy & masking the pain, but 1 that actually reaches my eyes!

Yeah, I ache all over & I'm bloody knackered. My body is crying out 4 a long hot soak (which I will b doing shortly) but I think I can safely say, this is the best I've felt in a long time. Ok, I may suffer 2morrow (can't rest up 4 the day though as it's over 2 the in-laws 4 Christmas Day part 2) but I have renewed hope & mental strength that I'm getting back 2 my old 'Lupus Arse kicking' self. The spoons r firmly back in my drawer as I feel I have way more than I need. Feeling like the old 'Sher Sher' again FINALLY & boy, I've bloody missed her ;0) I'm looking 4ward 2 how I WANT 2 b, not back 2 how I USED 2 b & I'll bloodywell get there even if it kills me (obviously hope it won't lol!). Christmas wishes & renewed strength 2 u all x

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Wow Sher, what a statement! I am over the moon for you, so so pleased. You give us all hope that we too will be able to write something like this on here.

Enjoy the rest of the festivities

love x


Thanks you sweetie, I'm sure u're time will come Ursi. Considering how I was a few weeks back I've come on leaps & bounds (not literally as that would hurt!) x


Hi hun. Glad the days gone well, even with the early start!!! I fell asleep on the sofa for a couple of hours this evening cos couldn't stay awake any longer.

Enjoy the day tomorrow. Will pm you in a couple of days.


Jane x


As long as u take things at u're own pace woman & no bloody quicker ;0) Think this is the first Christmas I haven't had an afternoon kip, even when I was doing really well, so it's a first 4 me! x


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