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Anyone interested in starting a nutters club?

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I propose Sher 78 as the Chairperson. I'd join, I could do with a good laugh.

Long live Harvey & Rabbit!

Love 2 all. Ciao 4 now.


33 Replies
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Me, I will be a nutter x

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jayniey in reply to DaleDiva

Nice 1. The more the merrier. Hows about cheerful stuff only. Happy fruitcakes with added nuts welcome. As many loony loopies as we can find.

Take care n keep well. Love J. XX

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I'm a certified nutter and "a bit loopy" - rheumy's words, not mine. Can I join? :)

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jayniey in reply to chrissiij

Course u can sweet. J xx

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I want to join lol so wat do I do. I've been told I'm not normal for years lol

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jayniey in reply to jacclaire

Just keep the sense of humour, the dafter the better. J xx

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Oh yes I always grt called nutty so please pretty please may this nutter join

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jayniey in reply to jennyhe

U betchya. Long live pooch n bunnywunny! J xx

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Yes I need to join. .....I can self diagose me being a nutter. ... I also propose we are prescribed chocolate for our symptoms. ... Thank you for starting this...I so needed it..

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chrissiij in reply to uzi41

Cadbury's Whole Nut, one assumes?

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uzi41 in reply to chrissiij

So very appropriate. about a Facebook page...xx Uzi.xx

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Me me me plz

witch2 profile image

Oh yes me too a complete nutty and certainly not normal

browneyedgal profile image

I am definately nutty, can I join too?

Jayne54 profile image

Me too please I'm definatly loopy and my friends and family will tell you I'm a nutter always laughing and joking xxxx

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We're getting there. Never knew that there were so many fruitloops out there. Wnat I want 2 know is - who's gonna second sher 78 as supreme chairnut on a life membership. I proposed her cos she's got more nuts than me, definitely one sandwich short of a picnic, lift doesn't reach the top floor, etc....... don't u just love her? Bless her little cotton socks!

Ciao 4 now to all u nutters out there. Long live Harvey n Rabbit! J xxxx

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I'm nutty and a bit fruity as well so think I'm Cadburys Fruit and Nut. Glad I'm not the only fruit loopy. Please me too

hazelHollingsworth profile image

With a name like Hazel what do you think? We do have a Lupus Banta chitchat page on facebook where we post jokes and have a laugh.

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jayniey in reply to hazelHollingsworth

Do we, never been on facebook, only jus getting the hang of this newfangled thing n it's still driving me bats. She's a hazelnut n she's ok, she sleeps all night n goes nuts all day! By the way, r u a lumberjack? I'm gaga, how'd u do! J. xx

hazelHollingsworth profile image

No I am 65 years young and even younger at heart, favourite things. Swimming (when I am well enough) F1 and MOTO GP.

But most of all having a great Laugh with my friends.

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jayniey in reply to hazelHollingsworth

Go 4 it sweetkin!

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I qualify as a nutter went to church yesterday, could not understand why i was walking with more difficulty than Normal,looked down 1 black shoe 1 bronze,both flats,i told my friends i was making a fashion statement,but we did have a good chuckle,(brain fog to feet fog)

I am sure God was chuckling to.

Love & Sunshine

Jan x

chrissiij profile image

Certified nutter! That's brilliant!

NickyB profile image

Yep I'm in!

Paty profile image

YES! This sounds far better than any medication,lets have some laughter!!! :)

loopy-lou profile image

Me too please! I recently filled in a form using my maiden name (not used for 33 years)!!! Couldn't believe I did that!!

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jayniey in reply to loopy-lou

Me 2. Regularly sign stuff in my maiden name ( only been married 15 yrs). I've been certified sane (got a certificate to prove it). Shrink was completely nuts though! Could have joined the club. Long live Harvey n Rabbit! J. XX

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Can I join please? I'm a loopy nut nut and definitely not normal ;-)

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I'm new to this forum and I would love to join the nutty group as I myself am as nutty as a walnut that has bounced of every branch of the tree :)

I recently walked around all day thinking I had a new mole on my arm and made a mental note to myself to check with the doc. On going to bed I realised it was actually a piece of wagonwheel that I had eaten earlier ha ha :0

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jayniey in reply to lillyanne

All complete nutters welcome! J. Xx

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Hey guys, not been on for a wee while, but it's great to be back my whole family think I'm nuts anyway especially when I talk about my lupie friends I'm in ;))) lol x x x x

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Would love o join, love nuts and am quite crazy

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Dear jayniey,

Bring it on, count me in, Woopie do, Me too, me too, Where do I sign, Excuses me interrupting but..., Coming through, Out The Way, Gangway, Please Move and just, so as not to be impolite, Yes Please!

I'm sure that I have an advantage there....I'm already, a complete, 'Fruitcake', or is it 'Teapot', maybe 'Box of frogs', perhaps 'Nutter'....Yes that's it!!!!!

Seriously though, yes a Very Good indeed. this is just, the sort of 'thing', where we could 'Let Off Steam'- without Offending anyone. I do know that, at least two, people HAVE been offended recently. I strongly suspect that, in one case anyway, no 'offence', was intended.

Maybe this could Double, as a place, where 'anyone' can rant on things- perhaps in a more Jovial way. My thoughts anyway. As I said above, please do, count me in.


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