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Keeping it real at Christmas

Phew, it's all quiet again. Hubbie has finished tenderly basting the unnecessarily, large turkey. I wish he lavished that much attention on me! He's carried it off to the in-laws for lunch. And the cat has finally settled down for a snooze, now that the smell of turkey has faded. She'll get her special portion later. My total sum of 3 presents are wrapped & a few Christmas texts sent. Now that's a busy morning for me.

I am quite tempted to join pus for a nap, but it will soon be time to be off to the in-laws myself, & I like to walk there so that I feel like I have achieved something healthy for the day. Spoons are always in short supply for me at this time of year, even though Christmas is a very low key affair in our household of 3.

This year I am proud to say that I have managed not to let the dark clouds of depression blight proceeding too much. But it's been a struggle at times with the added burden of new, & still unexplained symptoms during the course of the year.

But one good thing that has come out of it all, is that I have found this site, & made some friends who understand & support me in my lupus journey. I know now that I am not alone in all this, & that is a huge relief after so many years of isolation.

Merry Christmas, one & all. X

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U've done good girl ;0) Hope u're day was excellent & not too tiring 4 u. Big hugs chick ;0) x


spoons def at an all time low ,,,managed a NORMAL xmas day yipeeee!lots of meds and antibiotics for yet another uti!are serving well ,as is the spirit of my amazing 9yr old daughter who is amazing ,and my best freind ,i have my husband,daughter and my dad here ,i think they sometimes forget how much energy is involved in having a normal xmas day for us lupies?merry xmas and a happy new year ;)


sounds like you have done very well I have to say I would have fallen asleep with puss I can fall asleep sat up at the moment


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