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Norovirus does it effect you more with an autoimmune illness

I have picked up the Norovirus looking after my granddaughter, her parents both had it so to try and minimise her from getting it I looked after her for 2 days.on the second day I started with being sick and quickly followed my diorrea . This lasted 24hours of none stop symptoms. I didn't realise you could feel so ill. It is now day 3 and I still finding it hard o eat

I have lost 5 lbs in weight and so week. I am trying to drink plenty and my daughter got me dioralyt ( not sure how you spell it) any body had this this year and how long did you take to be back to Luppie normal. Thanks and merry xmas.

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Not had it in the last 2 years (while I've been in flare) but had it a few years back when I was quite well & it lasted 3 weeks! Only stopped when I started chucking Imodium down my throat 2 bung myself up a bit :0( Should normally last 3 or 4 days tops but can go on longer. Hope it passes soon.


Don't think I had Norovirus but a few weeks ago had D&V and it took me quite a bit longer to recover than it normally would, over a week after stopping being sick before I felt well again. Although no more nausea felt incredibly weak and shaky for several days. However, think most of this was because I did not drink enough and was certainly very dehydrated which caused most of the recovery problem. Please try to ensure you drink enough water or dioralyte.Some people do not like the taste of dioralyte but I read the other day on a Norovirus website that you can drink the slightly salted water that you have boiled rice in with the same effect. Not sure which I would prefer!!! Hope you get better soon.


Try boiling rice with a little salt & a chicken stock cube ! Eat without draining to keep hydrated .


Thank you everyone. Just hoping I pick uo intime for xmas. It is at our house this year. Trying to drink and have had dioralyte. Think everyone will have to help even more. At least I seemed to have prevented my granddaughter getting it she s only 10 mths. But phew a hard way to protect some one. Merry xmas and a happy new year. X


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