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Swollen Ankle

Hi all. Woke up this morning with a sore and swollen ankle, no swelling in the other ankle. No swelling in the leg but a bruise on the calf. Thing is i cant remember banging my leg or ankle. I cant put full weight on the leg with the bruise and the swollen ankle. Has anyone any suggestions or could it be Lupus related. Not sure if i should get it checked out. Thanx x

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Hi, not had this problem with ankles, but with hands, swollen, excrutiating pain and small bruises, In my case was absolutely lupus. Diclofenac modified release helped greatly but in bad flare needed it by injection. It is well worth giving your doctor a ring if they are sympathetic just for your peace of mind. Best of luck


I can relate to this: last night was just sitting watching tv and gradually right foot went red and puple swollen and especially hot and stiff across the arch area near the ankle with constant burning ache say @ 9/0 by the time I got in bed limping along. In the past these flares have resulted in at least some tissue bleed type bruiing appearing, but none so far this time: am assuming this time any bleed is too deep in my tissues to be visible or something

At bed time, my husband said take 2 paracetamol (ha ha) so what the heck I did along with my usual 10 mg amitryptiline: the pain was so bad, never thought I'd get to sleep, but hey presto I was snoozing instantly and when I woke @1:30 am the swelling was down and the pain @ say 4/10

This morning I can walk gently on that foot (it's my worst foot anyway) and have put an elastic bandage on it: first time have tried this....but have chores to do.....

Of course, i figured this is SLE drs say are all aspects of my longstanding feet/hands probs. Am v glad to know about the diclofenic modified release: have a feeling this is going to become a regular in 2nd year on plaquenil 400mg daily, but trying to avoid prednisone: due to bone density issues and predisposition to bad infections....

But these flares are horrible, and it helps to hear how you guys cope with something similar. So: thanks & take care

Ps if my flare doesn't settle down and/or gets worse over next 5 days, I will see my GP....but, like you caz59, I always wonder whether I main concern is the bleeding...maybe I'm silly, but I wonder about the possibility of embolism...if anyone can put me straight on the chances of that, I'd be v grateful


I have the exact same as you

both of my ankles and painful and swollen- constant ache.... :(


Sorry you're having this...hope you can get it to respond to treatment.

Since I posted above, I've learned that I'm ehlers danlos type hypermobile globally, with tendon tightening having progressed severely in my lower legs & feet. Last year I did well on low dose pred tapers, so in jan 2014 they added myco to my daily feet & ankles (& hands) are still vulnerable, but responding well to daily physio & my SLE treatment plan (daily hydroxy+myco+amitriptyline)

Take care & good luck


Hi Barnclown & KathinAyrshire. Thanx for replies. I bit the bullet and went to Saturday morning surgery to see GP. I had a rough night with pain in the ankle, i took 2 co codemol but it didnt touch the pain. KathinArshire, i cant take Diclofenic am allergic to it but thanx anyway. Barnclown, an embolism was worrying me also, i have had blood clots in the past in the leg and in the lung. GP examined me, said not a blood clot as usually the swelling is hot, although there was redness there. He seemed to think i had an infection and put me on an antibiotic, Clarithromycin 500 mg twice a day. I asked could it be Lupus related, he didnt seem to think so. So, i dont feel convinced, but will take the antibiotics and see what happens, i will go to A&E if it worsens. Both take care Caz x


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