ankle streatched ligament

has anyone on here got ankle on the inside giving way cos mine has just gone worse trying a walk. every time i go for a walk and strap it it just gets worse for me i would have thought it would be the opposite but no that ankle and knee get worse along with the sore feet problem. and all people wana do is mri my back thet was not a problem up till tring to walk on the ankle.

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  • Hello minka. All this is hard. Am sorry you're having to cope with this. Have your doctors examined you for hypermobility? The problems you're describing sound familiar to me...and my version of this sort of thing is due to hypermobility. Are you seeing a good physio? If your doctors aren't talking to you about hypermobility, it could be worth seeing a senior physio with experience of immune dysfunction & connective tissue disorders.

    Here is a link to a helpful organisation:

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  • Do u know barnclown I looks at this when I could not get middle power working in my quads I thought it might be the discs in my back which never bothered me before until this walking issue or thought it might be with stopping predistone I'm at docs today then dentist for receding gums later on today these are giving g me jip being able to now see all my teeth more

  • The more you tell us the more I wonder if a hypermobility syndrome is affecting you...hypermobility is considered a connective tissue disorder and some forms of hypermobility predispose us to much more than just ligamentous laxity & subluxations (joint dislocations) eg my type of hypermobility is the vascular type of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome which gave me very early onset gum recession.

  • Hi barnclown. At dentist yesterday gums bad have to go for extractions at hospital 3 to be taken out I blame it on that predistone I can walk but when try to pull quad power can't do it been on exercise bike better than walking and it's sort of gets to your back when your ankle is giving what a weird experience this is don't know weather it's going to get worse or not. I have stopped taking the 5 mg predistone cos it seemed to make me worse but yes the vascular thing is in my feet I have another MRI on top of back tomorrow wonder weather it's coming from their dentist has given me some amoxicillin that for some reason has made my feet a lot better is not going red raw no idea why this has happened. Then I see Fuji woman next Tue don't know what to say about stopping my predistone only it was making my bones worse

  • It's all hard, isn't it! Keep your chin're doing such a good job of getting through all this...please let us know how the extractions & the MRI go


  • got me mri done and out of way barnclown these tabs they give me for my teeth wich contain penicillin have took aall the heat out of my feet and redness but they are cold and white same as the knees I am just wondering how i am going to say to rumi woman re dropping predistone cos it was making my bones ache like hell Any ideas would be apprieated or do i say it as it is. im still able to walk but the feet feel like the bones are dead from lack of blood flow if you know what i mean and still have thaat twitch behind my ear regards john

  • Good: glad that bit is behind you.

    Hmmm...what about posting that as a new question to the whole forum? It's a bit beyond my experience, but I bet others on here can help


  • will do that barnclown

  • ive put it up barnclown its hard work with the pelvic area walking just feels like you are going to get groin strain at any moment when u are all out of flunter. she just said so you are of the predistone now. didnt seem to be a problem when i told her what was happening

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