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good morning all,just sent cheque off to lupus uk,for sponsor money i collected for a sponsred walk i organised for lupus uk.The grand total we raised was £2284.00 absolutely over the moon about that,did walk for two reasons,in memory of my recently deceased mother and to raise public awareness to this horribe illness.I,m in training for my next one in march.

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  • Thats fantastic! well done you! thankyou for raising awareness for Lupus, majority of people have never heard of Lupus unless they know someone with this disease, i really wish you all the best.xx

  • Thankyou pollywolly x

  • Well done :) Good luck with the training!

  • thankyou,i,m doing another sponsored walk next march,but also starting a solo challenge a sponsored slim x

  • Wow there's no stopping you! It's nice to know there's people out there so willing to support. So thank you.. and so sorry about your mum x

  • WOW! That really is fantastic catb18. You're a star! I hope you had a good time doing your sponsored walk and best of luck with your training for the next one.

  • Had a fab time doing the last sponsored walk next one gonna be a tough one though it,s a half marathon over hills,but i,ll be ready for it .

  • That does sound tough. Keep us updated on how your training is going and best of luck with it. If you need any t-shirts, balloons etc from National Office just let us know.

  • Thankyou

  • Hi catb18

    Well done, good job, that's a lot of money, thanks to all the peeps who sponsored you. Good luck with the sponsored slim. :)

  • Well done you.raising awareness you have done in a big way,I'm sure your Mum was with you every step of the way

    Love & Sunshine


  • Congratulations on such an achievement, don't know how you manage to walk so far,I would have found it impossible, It's great you are making people aware of this debilitating illness. So many people look at you blank when you say you have Lupus, So well done to you and a big thank you from all us Lupies. Trish

  • Wow that's terrific! thanks so much for supporting Lupus :) x

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