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ill again !!!!!!!!!

I was ill last wed and thursday , bunged up ,permanent headache etc I felt a lot better so went back on friday but........ yesterday felt a little bunged up but nothing major then............ today sinus pain on and off , head is killing me , and feel like crap all day !!!!! I stayed in pjs all day !

Is this just a weird cold thing ? i cant understand how it can get better and so quickly return? I have work tomorrow so am wondering how i'm gonna be ? sounds weird to go sick again for the same thing a few days later !!!!?????

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Hi Larrisa, I get sinus problems and it makes you feel soooo rotten coz youa re so bunged up but cant get rid of it, there is no cure for it I used to take loads of antibiotics but they dont do any good try putting your head over a bowl of steaming water with maybe a drop of olbas oil in it does relieve it a bit hope this helps


Hi, I have been getting these type of headaches for years......and this is the first time I have read that Lupus may be the cause!!! Have also had various medicatiosn and really strong painkillers but nothing really touches it. My only solution so far is plenty of fluid like water or squash, regular type painkillers, and keep out of direct bright sunlight...yes I know...but that does make it worse. I have not real solution but it was good to hear of someone else with these vile headaches....good luck


sinus problems/headaches r quite common with lupus, especially if u have antiphospholipid too. I've had mine on & off 4 5 months now as GP is reluctant 2 give me antibiotics cos of my INR lol! U can use Sudafed (occasionally) & I find Ibuprofen better than CoCodomal etc at dealing with the heads (unfortunately some lupus headaches won't be dulled by anything) but it will affect u're INR (hence the irritation at the fact my doc won't give me antibiotics!) ;0)


thankyou , yes another day off work!

what does antipholipid mean ?and INR ?

thanks for answers xx


antiphospholipid is yet another condition that can go hand in hand with lupus, (chances r they've already tested u 4 it but worth asking them just in case) it's when u're blood clots far too quickly which can cause strokes or DVT's. U're INR is the basically the time it takes 4 u're blood 2 clot. A normal persons blood clots quite quickly but it u have APS, they stick u on anticoagulants 2 prevent it clotting too quickly so essentially, if we cut ourselves we bleed like buggers which can cause problems in itself ;0) The joys of lupus & the other conditions that can come along with her :0) x


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