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Does anyone feel ill after having a filling repaired by the dentist?


I felt ill and very tired after the dental appointment yesterday. Head feels like cotton wool and definitely not working at full strength today. I have MCTD that has affected my eyesight and I am now registered as severely sighted. I am taking low dose of Prednisolone and Brufen. Has anyone had this type of problem after dental work? I don't want to bother dentist or doctor unless really necessary.

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If, like me, you find having dental work done stressful, it could be the stress that brings on symptoms. Hope you feel better today.

Thank you for your comments. I think the problem was caused by inflammation and maybe stress when the dentist

injected my gum x 3. I decided to take an extra Prednisolone for that day only(which my Rheumy said I could do

so if I was ill) and I started to feel better by the end of the day. It makes me realise that any little

problem can cause bigger problems overall.

Hi Mirabel

It would be worth mentioning this to your dentist next time you are there. The routinely used local anaesthetic injections contain adrenalin, which can cause reactions for some people. There are alternative injections available. So it might be worth a try next time, to see if you feel any better afterwards.

Best wishes. X

Hi Mirabel, I am not a great fan of any kind of confinement - so having to lay still with my mouth propped open and people looming over me putting things in my mouth is up there on my list of stressful situations! Fishers63, has a very good point, stress can upset our carefully balanced cart. I believe that the lights may have a lot to do with it too. The last time I was at dentist (new) he had a lovely big window letting in the light, the ceiling was covered in pot lights, there were mirrors reflecting more light and then once he got me in position he pulled the big guy (the one they shine right on you) into place. One good thing, I was distracted from having my mouth held open because of the panic of having that much light on my face. Luckily it was a short procedure but I was messed up for rest of the day and the next one too. Feel better soon.


Hi fishers 63, all of the above suggestions are very plausible, however I am a stranger to the dentists. But I have read and been told that, lupus patients have to take antibiotics before starting any treatment. My own dentist has told me himself that he wants me to do this. Hope you are better now.

Thank you all for your helpful replies. I will certainly speak to my dentist before I have any further treatment. Next time I see my Rheumy I will mention the problem along with the list of what has been going on since my last

appointment. Happy days.

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Sorry mirabel, I called you fishers63. Brain fog !!!!

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