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on dpw wonder if i will still get it

hiya all how you all keeping bearing up i hope can any one tell me i have had lupus for about 28+ years cannot hardly walk now i have been getting dwp since 2002 i get my pension the end of this year i am up for reveiw in march 2013 will my dwp stop i hope not only going to get state pension as i have not worked for years because of ill health keep well all xx

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Hi Else,

I am assuming that when you say dpw you mean benefits from DWP. If you are receiving Incapacity Benefit (Now re branded as ESA), then this will stop when you reach state pensionable age. If it is a private pension, then it depends on how much you are receiving as to whether your ESA will reduce or stop altogether.

If it is Disability Living Allowance that you are receiving, then it is my understanding, that you will continue to receive this when you are drawing your pension.

Without more details it is difficult to say exactly, but I hope that this helps you.


Else, can you tell us exactly which benefits you are getting?

It would be easier to answer your question if we knew.


Morning Else I like you, i have had Lupus for 32 years. It has destroyed my body in so many ways. I have not been able to work for years, in and out of hospital all the time. I applied for disability living allowance three years ago and i'm up for re applying in 2013 also. I also get incapacity benefit, which i believe runs with DLA. You have to have paid enough NI contributions to recieve IC benefit. I had to appeal to get my DLA three years ago, but dont be put off. Get all info together eg: docs and consultants letters and photocopy everything. Also when filling in forms every day is a bad day for you. there is no such thing as a good day. I hope this has helped in some way. Keep smiling x


I have been getting my state pension since May of this year. I also get a small private pension and low rate DLA. As far as i'm aware, it is changeing to PIP in 2013. As i'm getting the low rate i'm wondering if i'll get it at all next year.


Hello else....I've been in receipt of financial help from DWP for a few years now.

I'm 65, been on my state pension (which includes pension credit) since I was 60 but still get the small allowance each month. I had to get medical proof from my GP and the Lupus consultant at the hospital, both filled in the necessary information and I was awarded the lowest care component without any hassle or interviews. Its a weekly allowance but I asked for a monthly one to go into my bank account.

You sound much worse than me, I'd be surprised if your extra cash didnt continue. I have mild SLE, widespread osteoarthritis, asthma and I have probs with sciatica, also a small scoliosis mid spine which prevents any type of heavy work. I dont think the DWP will stop your allowance :)


thank you all for your very kind answers i am on the high rate from dwp as my daughter and grand daughter helps me very much as i cannot get around very well some days i cannot get up i cannot even wipe my own bottom some times please give me back my life thank you all keep well and chin up xx


What's PIP?


Coppernob PIP is a Personal Independence Payment and here's where you can reaqd about it on

I didnt know what it was either, I googled it and the web site came up. Its another name to get familiar with from the government.....My mum by the way was called coppernob at school and she didnt like it, she was a redhead :)


has were on the subject of DWP i thought i had to share this gem with you all.

I stopped work in january, then found out i had cancer so ive been off sick fighting that, I came off sick they put me on the work programme, my service provider being pertemps, ive had lupus for 20 years, and last week i got told by their area manager, that i didnt want work, and i was using my health issues as a reason to not get a job.

I have never been so insulted in all my life, if i am tired, i am tired, its not an excuse.


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