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The last couple of weeks ive been feeling so crap. Its like pmt, but not, lasting for weeks. Got a promotion a few months ago and was happy hoping that next year i could maybe start our company management program. Now feel i dont think i could cope. Went into complete meltdown in work last week. Started snapping at everyone, crying then anger. Now i feel as if maybe ive taken on to much. My legs are so sore, forgetting things, so tired and can hardly hold a pen some days. In my job im on my feet 7 hrs a day maybe i just have to realise i cant do it anymore. Im only 38 how can i give up? I have no savings, cant afford my own property, what do i do?

I told my new manager i had lupus and he says " you can get painkillers for that its not that bad". If its not that bad you have it. I know if i move deaprtments i'll still be on my feet all day, or maybe i should look for a desk job, but i know i'd be bored.


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Are you in a job where you can join a supportive union? They will support you with asking your employer for consideration with regard to Lupus and your health. If you are in UK it is covered by DDA.


Yes i am in a union. Thing is i dont think people beleive me because i look ok, apart from the baggie eyes and pale skin lol. Thing is i never mentioned the lupus when i took the job, would that be a problem? Didnt see a reason to since i was only part-time. Ive got a few days off at the moment but im worrying about going back already. Christmas is so hectic, im really working right through to xmas eve 10 pm by the look of it. 1 day off that week(xmas day) and thats it.


I would highly recommend talking to your union and telling them everything. They will know employment law, your rights etc as trying to wade through all that is impossible. Mine have been very supportive. You don't mention any of your health care support, what about consultant, specialist nurse for guidance. Your employer is obliged under DDA to make 'reasonable' adjustments to allow for your condition and union will be aware of all this. It is really hard, am in similar position, am off work again. Unfortunately Lupus awareness is very poor have found, and yes we look 'ok'. Would your boss be open to readin a leaflet as Lupus UK have some excellent short leaflets.


Dear scoobydoo, it sounds like you are having a flare & it might be worth taking some more time off to get over it. And as jamg suggests, speak to your GP or rheumatology nurse for advice, they may up your meds.

It's difficult to think straight when you feel poorly, especially with lupus. Don't feel bad about taking time off if you need to, after all if you had broken your leg or had some other sudden illness, you wouldn't have much choice. Just because you look well, doesn't mean you have to push yourself through this & potentially make yourself very ill.

Does your company have a HR department that you can speak to? If your company question why you didn't mention lupus previously, you can say that it has been well controlled & therefore was not an issue previously.

Best wishes. X


Thanks for your replies. Will see how i feel when i get back and take it from there. Not much more i can do. Seeing my consultant in 2 wks and doctor again on monday. Thanks again. Take care x


Good luck scoobydoo, keep us posted about how you are getting one. X


Ive been in a similar position, before I was ill I had a very active job which I loved, I had to move to a desk job when I became ill and I hated it for quite a while, now I look at it differently.... a desk job leaves me with more energy to do other things in my personal life. xx


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