morning all ...just gettin ready to go to physio, luckily with a reasonably charged battery (had 4 hours solid sleep..which compared to an hour at a time for the past week, is great )...anyone else have sleep problems with thier lupus?

anyway enough of the babbling, really should get myself out of bed and get a coffee and get posting a picture with this..hope you all like :)

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  • I have downloaded your picture, think it is great and oh so accurate. Yes,I also get sleep problems, a lot I think with me is because when I move in bed, I get pain and it wakes me.

  • Brill pic, had this on my fb profile so all were aware of me! :D

    And sleep usually all over the place, although touch wood it's not that bad at the mo.. Shouldn't speak too soon really!

    Hope you're physio goes ok.

  • Hope physio is good for you, sleeping is a problem, have to get sleeping tablets every now and again just to try and catch up....

  • physoi went well..turns out its nt the shoulder, but the muscle from neck to shoulder thats tensin up..see how i get on...

  • The poster is spot on!

    As far as the sleeping goes, I am nearly always awake at 4am; its become a habit. I either lie awake, do stretches (trying not to wake my spouse), deep breathing and relaxation or get up, walk around stretching, have drink. This goes on for about two hours and then eventually I go off into a lovely sleep. It all started because the pain disturbed me but now its stuck.

  • I too have downloaded your pic, its fab! Lol I hae terrible sleep problems with my Lupus. I sleep for an hour, then awake for two etc..! By 2 o'clock in the afternoon I'm needing a nap! Rheumatologist says unfortunately it's just another symptom in a long list! I hope you feel better soon. xx

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