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Would you like to take part in a lupus lifestyle study?

LUPUS UK is collaborating with a mobile technology company called Kiosk, on a ground-breaking research project called the Lupus Life Study. Kiosk are making their technology available free of charge in order to listen to and learn from people who live with lupus.

The aim is to foster and promote better understanding of lupus and other chronic conditions. If successful, this new patient-centric approach will then be introduced to charities, governments and healthcare providers. The project is being run completely independently and is not funded or sponsored by any third party organisations.

Kiosk have asked LUPUS UK to help put them in touch with lupus patients to take part in their study.

Participants will download Kiosk¹s smartphone app and use it to complete a series of simple research tasks. The tasks will involve talking into your phone about your experiences of living with lupus. Each task should take roughly 20 minutes to complete and you will be asked to complete one task per week for 5-6 weeks.

If you are interested you can read more about the Lupus Life Study at:

There is also a Lupus Life Twitter feed which you can follow and join with at:

If you would like to enquire about taking part in the study, please contact Keisha Herbert from Kiosk by email on:

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