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Gutted, fed up and disheartened

Well ESA Tribunal was today and the result was I am cabable of work starting from today! On going on to Direct Gov I am NOT entitled to any benefits as I have a working partner and he is able to support me :(

The whole system is flawed and I am just so disheartened and could cry.... I see people claiming benefits when they don't need to... I won't even get JSA now either

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Think we have spoken on here before when I finished claiming contributions based esa after my year had ended. Now that it has I am on job seekers allowance contributions based for 6 months. My partner earns but I was still entitled to this. If they are saying you are fit to work then you will be entitled to this. It is only for a 6 month period but it may help in the meantime. Sorry for your news:( xx


Nope not even entitiled to that according to DWP this afternoon, was one of the first things I did when I came out of the tribunal.. I "might" in their terms get JSA but only my contributions.

I am now hoping I can get the support I need for my childminding business but without the jobcentre not looking possible


That is so frustrating, particularly all the energy you would have put into the tribunal. I hope you do get the support you need for your child minding business. Take care.


Tinkerbellquo - Please be careful. I know you need cash, but childminding is very demanding (I'm sure you know this) physically - and I worry that it will lead to you becoming more ill.

I carried on and on working at a demanding job - right up to kidney failure following Lupus nephritis. Like you, I felt there was no other option because I needed the money (I have no partner and had 3 children to raise, thankfully now big) - but I wish I had been able to foresee the future.

You have all my sympathy. What a horrendous catch to be in.


I feel for you;(and i get sooooo angry when there are people sat on their backsides in full health claiming every benefit going!it doesnt seem fair ,what kind of sysytem is this,i myself am trying to see what free courses there are for people who are restricted in the workplace,ive always had a very physical job and therefore have no admin skills whatsoever ,im sure i could do admin (boring) but a wage.Try not to let the stress eat you ,as you know it will trigger a flare ,keep well ,brave;)


this makes me so bloody angry i know someone who has panic attacks and gets esa AND dla,she hasnt worked for ten years,she gets help filling out forms by people who know how to milk the system,when she tells me my blood boils,ive had general panic disorder for 12 years and lupus affecting blood and kidneys,at one point when i was very ill i was informed by many people if i gave up my job i wouldnt get any benefits at all,i struggle every day at work,i cannot have anymore sick leave as already on stage 2,and then theres you and a whole lot of other people on here that are so poorly and get no help,its terrible,im sorry u have to go through this,if you knew the professionals she knows maybe it would be a different story xx


At the moment I am too stubborn to give up but my mentor and area coordinator have been very supportive. And we have worked it out there is more of a demand for part time childminders so the plan is be open weds thurs Fri and then have the weekend to recover and recuperate and Monday and Tuesday to get on and do other things also it is hard for parents of older children to have wraparound care that is not an after or before school club.

So to focus on school ages rather than younger children.

So many people milk the system it is hard yes my partner will support me but it is all about self esteem and don't want to have to ask him to help etc he pays for enough such as all the bills a.d food.

At least people on here have not judged me on MSE I have been bashed big style saying I should give up my dream etc. Sorry if not making much sense as coming round from sedation after my colonoscopy which has gone ok am just resting

Thank you xxx



I'm in a similar situation to you. Just because I have a husband who goes to work, he has to support me. However, I am sure, like yourself, you have worked years through illness. What on earth have we paid into the system for, just to told - well you're not terminal so your husband/partner can keep you. It seems to me that if you work or have a small amount of savings then they just want you to go away and die quietly. A few hundred pounds a month may not seem much to some people, but it makes a difference to a lot of us who have worked years for it. Sorry for the rant, but it gets me so mad!!!


I am sorry you have been put in this position, I totally understand and I have been in the same situation myself! Since they brought in the new rule that you can only get contribution based ESA for 12 months mine was stopped! I have worked all my life and never claimed a thing! It is disgusting that I should have to rely on my husband to support me when I have contributed all my life, and now how no independence at all! The system stinks and I get so wound up by all this! I really dont know if I have done the right thing by bringing up my children to have a good work ethic, at the end of the day I know my daughter would be better off on benefits, however, she said she can't sit around and do nothing!!! Good luck :)


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