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Can blisters on hands be Lupus related?

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First I will say I am being treated for Lupus but have no dx yet. I have had rash on both hands, palms and some on fingers, little water blisters. I have had this before but only for a day or two and the it is gone. This has been going on for 3 weeks now and when I think it is getting better it starts over again. If lupus related, could this happen by decreasing Plaquenil, which was doctors suggestion. He wanted to see what would happen, is this something he would like to know?

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I'ave had them too and not on medication so wondering if its something I'm eating?? They appear on my legs. Not itchy, just come and go, no extra swelling. just little blisters.

Anyone else ??? found the blisters were related to food and sle... immune system out of balance?

Maybe Just maybe you could have (Raynolds) spelt wrong sorry.

Go to GP and have it checked out

Yes, I've had these little blisters coming & going for about 5-6 years. They are on my the palms of my hands & sometimes fingers. But mostly on my toes around the nail beds. Sometimes they stay a pale colour, other times they become red & the skin flakes. Nice! But always heals up ok afterwards. I have done some reading & it sounds a lot like a type of vasculitis. But it's never there when I go to the rhuemi, & difficult to take a photo of. I'd love to know what it is if you do get any answers from your doctor. Best Wishes. X

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Thank you roobarb for your response. It makes me laugh when you say, "it's never there when I go to the rhuemi", seems like they just miss these things all the time. The week before appointment you can't walk and for sure he will acknowledge this when he sees you, but day of appointment you can dance. It is good to feel good but sure frustrating when you try and tell rheumi about it and they just give you that "look". I will just put it in my journal. Thank you.

You are so right. At one appointment I got myself all upset trying to explain to the rhuemi what a hard time I'd been having lately, & he said "but you look so well." It made me laugh (inwardly!) because I'd recently started following Christine Miserandino's 'but you don't look sick website,' with the brilliant Spoon Theory. But back to those nasty little blisters, I should have said I've been taking plaquenil, prednisolone & azathioprine for SLE, but they still come & go. They do seem to correspond with worsening of other lupus symptoms though. Take care & have a nice week end. X

I get them on my hands and feet too, usually when i'm flaring up!

i have been being treated for Excema for this, it gets really bad when i get stressed, but it has been blamed on wearing trainers, but i get it if i dont wear shoes at all too, i had it for the last few years of my marriage when i was really stressed and depressed,

Yes I get them too, little watery blisters on palms, sometimes fingers, in between toes. Had them for years. Right now I have large area on my palm which started being itchy little blisters & then went to dry hard skin that goes from being insanely itchy to red & sore, then back to dry hard skin.

I've had it now for about 6 wks. Little tiny patches on both hands.

tugglez I Have had it between my little toes when I only had flip flops on in middle if summer. ☺

Luv Jan

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