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Vomit (again)

Well I have a run of good times and then I have a bad time I have now worked out what it could be... Overtiredness!!!

But I am also vomiting and have the runs too does anyone else get this with their Lupus??

Work are assuming I am lying about being ill this week but I feel like death warmed up and could really do with resting... yes I probably should not have babysat all weekend but family needed me..

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yes both found sleep the best answer when possible.


I get these too when get really bad flare ups with fevers. Pretty hard doing anything when you feel that bad!

I've been worrying about work too but come to the conclusion that health is definately more important. Luckily my manager (I think) thinks the same way.

Hope you get rested up.


Yes I've just done two 12 hour shifts up at 5am and today I feel just awful. My meds are giving me insomnia too. It's a day on the couch for me today hoping I can sleep. I ache, have an eye and ear infection and feeling like my head is attached to someone elses body. Tiredness is a trigger for me but we have to work and pray that our colleagues and bosses understand. I'm considering letting my boss know about my condition to see if we can tweak my shifts to prevent my triggers. I suppose it's best to be open and honest.

Hope you're feeling better today.


I have just started Hydroxychloroquine[after a long holdout against taking them],at the moment I am reacting badly to insect bites and fatigue and to top it all have an upset stomach.Not sure if the stomach is reacting to the Hydroxy,probably to early to say.Are you on meds?


Hi Tinkerbellquo Yes, been there! And doubtless I will be again! I think you are right about the overtiredness thing but unfortunately you can't always control it. You can get to bed early but there is no guarantee that you will be able to sleep or get quality sleep. There are times when the runs and vomitting are so severe that you think it must be a bug but I am sure that it is all part of the SLE and/or Fibromyalgia.

I really hope that you manage to get understanding from your work. Good luck.


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