Amitriptyline again...... sorry

have put on more weight even though I've been cutting down,well not on food but on the crap I've been eating since stopped smokinging,could this be due to amitriptyline. Also does your body get used to this drug,i've had it doubled but now find symptoms getting worse or maybe just returning is this possible please sorry was on 10mg a night now on 20 mg x

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  • Hi, I took amitriptiyne for 15 years and called it the 'munchy drug'-it can cause some to put weight on. I'm off it now and still eating rubbish, especially when I feel low.

    You are right in thinking your body is getting used to it, but you and you doc will find a dose that suits. Hope you soon feel a little better.

    My body definitely got use to it and I have safely taken up to 75mg daily. It's usually well tolerated and does the on.

  • I thought that my doctor phoned me yesterday as I applied for repeat prescription asked me how I was getting on and I told him they weren't really working now and he said to keep it at 20mg til I see rhuemy next week x

  • I take about 15 mg a night which usually helps me sleep and not feel like a zombie next day. But it does give me a dry mouth and I'm convinced it's affected my taste buds, so the only things that really taste of anything much are sweet things. So it does encourage the eating rubbish feeling, because nothing has any proper taste, so you end up not caring what you eat. xx

  • Hi Mary ty .I was eating a lot of sweet things due to stop smoking but your right when I think back it did get worse when amitriptyline kicked in,even though I've cut down I still have sweets need to cut them out now ty x

  • Hi, I've been on Amytriptyline for around 18 months now, at first the nausea and zombieness were awful, i've gained weight as I munched dry biscuits to ease nausea. Then soon got into the habit of doing so. I regularly take 20mg nightly occasionally 30mg to get a good nights sleep, no longer feel like a zombie, even with the higher dose. But overall eat sweet things like I never have before, never had a sweet tooth, would always prefer crisps, or ham to cake and choc, but now cant resist sweet treats of any description, i'd honestly never had dessert after meals until I was on this med.


  • Hmm this is very interesting. I used to have a sweet tooth before falling pregnant wih my son but never had one since (he is now 5) yet I have noticed this craving for sugar, mainly on a night, in the last few month and have never thought it could be linked to the amitriptyline. I started on 10mg and within a couple of weeks was on 20mg. But as I was worried about this getting worse I started taking it alternate nights. I now take them monday, wednesday, friday and saturday nights. This works well for me (although the nights without them can sometimes be sleepless ones!) Xxx

  • I've been taking amytriptyline for just over a week now. I have been watching what I eat, as i have heard that it can make people put on weight - partly due to it causing you to have the munchies - but yesterday my diet consisted of 4 x large, chewy cookies from waitrose, 2 x nutri-grain bars and two packs of salt and vinegar square crisps during the day and a chicken and bacon pasta bake in the evening. Hopefully this will be a one-off!

  • Ty all for replies as I didn't know if I was looking for excuse for putting on so much wait.just Finnish work and bought mixed fresh fruit for when I go back,it's quiz night and always free food which is always relish so I'll be using a lot of will power as wasn't successful monday night at pool x

  • Didn't work still had quiz food lol x

  • hi iv been on anytriplyne for about 6mths now and on 40mg a nite i find that thay lelp me a lot i avent put weght on but stopped smoking 2 yrs ago and put 2 stone on tryed alsorts to loose weght iv started going swimming and aving a steam 3 times a week and lost nerly a stone since feb and am not on diet just cut down on everything and drink more water ....

  • Ty gummy I have cut down a lot but still put 8 lbs on in a month.I've never been this heavy even when pregnant.going to try even harder to cut back x

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