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Refused DLA, now do I just get let it go or do I fight? Do I have the energy for it?

Yep, again I was refused DLA after first trying 6 years ago. So what to do,...........appeal seems too hard to do, I found the the application form a trial and after getting my GP and consultant on my side with letters from them to support me, I thought I had done enough but afraid not. I just want to bury my head and hibernate til the spring! Ho hum!

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Oh dear. I know how disappointed you must be. Did anyone help you with wording the forms? Did you send an explanatory note along with the application? An Occupational Therapy Report is probably the only thing that could help now. You could ask your Consultant to refer you to one via the NHS or I can give you details of a company with a nationwide network of OTs who would visit you privately (which would probably be quicker). Message me if you'd like the details.


Thanks Tigerlily4, I have appt with the physio next week so will ask then, or is that not the same people as O/T?


Your welcome :) No, OT is a different department entirely and, far as I know, only consultants can refer you. If yours was prepared to support your claim I'm sure they won't mind referring you. If it were me, I'd phone my Rheumy's secretary and ask, just to speed things up. Good luck! Let us know how you get on.



If you go to citizens Advice they will help you fill in the appeal forms and support you. Don't give up. Good luck!


Thanks loopy-lou, I think the Citizens Advice people visit my Drs every other week, just to help people, will see if I can make appt.


You can always appeal by writing to the DWP and asking for a different person to assess you. If you are turned down again for DLA, you can opt for a tribunal which is better as it is more independant. As loopy-lou says, CAB are really helpful and so are DIAL. I think anyone who has applied for DLA knows how you must feel. Most of us have been turned down once or twice after baring our heart and soul on those forms.x


Yes the CAB is the place to go as they know all the terms to out on the forms, please dont give up you need and deserve DLA many have it and dont need it (((((((hugs)))))))


Always appeal. An appeal will be reviewed by a panel of Dr's and that is important seeing as not all Drs understand the disease. You need more experience to make a decision here and rarely does it seem that Lupus suffers get DLA without battling.



Go to the CAB now!!! - they will do the appeal for you... The are fantastic. I use them to fill out the form for my son who has autismn and cerebral palsy. It takes a weight of your shoulders. You can sign a form which gives then the right to communicate on your behalf with the DWP... It's all in how you answer the questions and wording.

I have medics help with my first application that was turned down, and the CAB took it from there - the best thing I ever did.

I also used the same route for myself and got and award - CAB is the way to go.



I appreciate many assume merely appealing against unfair assessments is the way to go and CAB are definitely the people to see in this regard but must warn appeals are rarely successful in my experience without the provision of additional evidence as to exactly how well you can cope with activities of daily living and mobility - which are the only relevant criterion for DLA awards. Only an Occupational Therapist is held suitably qualified to assess you on these matters and I've never known DWP or Tribunals disregard OT reports when they're often quick to dismiss other medical evidence as largely irrelevant. Anyone genuinely disabled to any extent who wishes to claim disability benefits should seriously consider obtaining an OT Report - either by NHS referral via their Consultants or, much more quickly, by commissioning a report privately. Yes, private reports can seem a huge outlay but weigh the cost against the benefits you're wrongly being denied and suddenly it makes great financial sense.


although these answers were for someone else i now know who to go to ask for help, thankyou. im unable to work more than part time because of how lupus affects me everyday. i did ask for help in 2007 but was told i wasnt ill enough. but we are living hand to mouth even though my husband works full time and has always done so,god bless him.

it is a battle with symtoms and general life everyday,my energy is running low.

i wish you luck x


Hi try your local Welfare Rights officer, you can ring your local council for the telephone number and they will support you with filling in the forms and going to the tribunals. All the best. xx


To all who are entitled to DLA Appeal, appeal, appeal you have to find the energy from somewhere to fight for what you are entitled to!

I have Lupus and Fibromyalgia, i had my appeal Friday just gone after a year of refusal and worrying,

I won! ( high rate mobility and middle rate care )

After all the stories I've read everywhere I made myself Ill worrying they wouldn't believe me. I wrote a letter to the tribunal finely detailing how these illnesses effect me, and the lawyer at the tribunal said " that is the kind of letter they appreciate, it is really good" 2 pages to the point explaining a day in the life of me. ( completely disagreeing with atos medical report.)

I didn't take any advice from any welfare service I did it all alone. I now feel a huge weight as been lifted.

Good Luck to all who are going through this! x


Thanks Moggymoo123, am really pleased you finally got what you are clearly entitled to. I bet you feel marvellous!

I have an appt with the CAB on Thursday but feel awful, everything hurts and I feel worse each day. Wow I sound sorry for myself don't I? I've had Lupus, APS, Fibromyalgia, Oesteo athritis for over 25 years now, so you'd think I'd be used to it by now.

Like you, I think they won't believe me but I'll try about writing a letter too.

Will let you know how I get on :) x


My local Arthritis Care has people to help with filling in forms and information on applealing the DLa and AA and other benefits.They are really helpful, andits nice to meet up with people going thru similar problems and sometimes having a cup of tea and a chat gives you a lift. I hope you are successful in your application. wish i could do more

bodicea xxx