I have been lucky enough to have had a disability car for the past two and a half years, due to run out this year. What do I do?

Do I have to apply for DLA again? Do I get awarded this automatically again? or do I know apply for the PIP that everyone is talking about? So confusing, personally I think if someone has been awarded this in the first place, it should be for life - after all our symptoms don't really get any better do they, if anything gradually worse. Any comments would be gratefully received. Thanks.

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  • Hi Susan 17

    When you were awarded DLA higher rate mobility you should have been told how long for so that the DWP would send you the forms to re-apply for it. This is changing to PIP for everyone. Worth ringing them to find out. Good Luckx

  • I don't drive but I would think you'd need to reapply..ask them :)

  • I think you just go ahead & order new mobility car because you have to show them your last letter of approved DVLA anyway. They will send you the forms when you are due to apply for PIP. Not nice all this change over when you have major health problems & you are genuine .

    All the best in getting it sorted Susan x

  • If you have been awarded the higher rate mobility component you should look at the letter you were sent as it will have it written on it how long it was awarded for. If you have used your DLA as part of your motability car then I am sure it would have been awarded for more than three years. Please check your letter as you will need it to be able to pay for another car.

  • I think I am right in saying you will get paperwork a few months before your lease expires in relation to renewing your car

  • Check on your letter from DLA as to how long you have been awarded your benefit for. If you don't have a letter with it on phone them for a copy of entitlement to DLA form DBD384.

    But with regards to your car I have been a mobility car user for over 12yrs. It is customary for Motability to notify you about 3mnths before your 3yr hire agreement is up, when you have about 6wks left you can go round and look for a new car at either the same dealer you are presently using or another one, were ever you find the next car you like. The dealer you choose will do all the work for you (once you have made your choice) with regards to returning the old car to them and all the paper work. You will have to take in your driving license, proof of DLA motability component at the higher rate ( this you should have as you already have a motability car). This process happens every 3yrs and does not require you to notify the DLA as it is Motability your mobility component is paid to from your DLA. This of course is providing you are still entitled to DLA mobility component at higher rate. for another 3yrs or more. Hope this helps.

  • im with you there but sadly as there are some fakers out there we chronic disease suferrers suffer , u should get a letter asking you if u want to be reviewed and most probably will be pip unless ur not in the area the are working on , my sons dla was automatically renewed as dla not pip and that was this year hope ive helped

  • Hey susan17

    I'm not sure what has happens since your post but my mum suffers from lupus and was getting the DLA higher rate (Indefinite) for mobility which means she was entitled to a car.

    She received a letter saying that her DLA was transferred to PIP at the same rate and she would not need to reapply or go for an assessment.

    However i have heard of other people who had indefinite awards who have had to be reassessed

  • Hi wotshhernameagain, (love the name by the way), I am so pleased that your mum was able to continue receiving this benefit without the trauma of being re-assessed, refused and then needing to appeal. Hopefully the DWP will see that SLE is a 'chronic' condition, with no cure and is often not even possible to be managed well. Ultimately with such conditions as you say the likelihood is that the condition will progress over time. Fingers crossed the DWP will convert DLA to PIP for many more like your mum without added stress.

  • Exactly I hope so also. i applied for the 1st time this year and i found the process soo stressful if it wasn't for the people on this forum and also the guides from Lupus UK i don't know what I would have done.

    I need to contact DWP again to let them now that my condition has gotten worse since my initial application (nearly a year ago it took over 7 months to process my claim) and i bet thats going to be a long agonizing process

  • am on it indefinite but because it is pip now i think in 2 years time i have 2 apply again its a total joke all this doing forms

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