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Whats this rash???

Hi I have a red oval shaped marking come up on the back of my hand about 2 X 2.5cm, I also have, on both my forearms a spread of deep purplish small marks dotted about (they have been there much longer that the Hand one that came up on Monday and come and go - my Doctor has just dismissed them as age marks (I'm 51). I have at times had a similar rash to the hand one on my fingers when all this started.

I have managed to photograph the rash on my face, but the Hospital still wouldn't accept I get a rash as on all of my 3 visits in the lasy year it hasn't been visable for them to see.

I feel readful too - symptoms+

Any ideas??

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Hi Adamine -

Are you taking steroids? the rash on your hand sounds as though it is bleeding under the skin, which is something that happens to those of us who have had steroids for a while - it thins the skin and weakens the blood vessels so that the slightest knock can make you bleed.

I'm afraid I have no idea what the other rash might be.

I'm so sorry that you are feeling horrid.


I'm not on steroids at the moment - just Hydroxychloroquin.

I'll keep an eye on it. Thanks for your help.



Hi there,I know this isn't much help,but carry on taking photos of any rashes,when my daughter has lots of rashes All over her body,her dermatology did takes photos ,to also use fir his teaching,and ti show colleagues.My daughter keeps all her photos on her phone so that she can show all the docs she sees.She is covered from neck to ankles in painful sores and blisters and bruising,she is having skin biopsies at the end of the month to hopefully aid her diagnosis.She was dxd with sle last year then she was told she didn't have sle but multi ssystem vasculitis,now she is back to limbo land.She has made a formal complaint with our local hospital about her poor treatment.4 years she has been messed about,don't stand for it,if people don't listen,demand to see someone else,,it is your right to do so,bless ya.take care,sandy.


Thanks for answering. I have taken pictures before - I also get a rash on my face cheeks... But the hospital wont accept them as "They are not seeing them" - It makes me very frustrated..

I find the hospitals unbelievable on this subject - I'm really shocked. They appear to not appreciate the extent to which this affects out lives, and that each of us, even with the same "presentation" feels it differently...

I will photograph it again... And am also making a diary of how I feel on each day...



Hi Nazi,although I can't relate to how you feel as I don't have lupus but my daughter does,or doesn't when it suits the medical profession.I can only imagine how you must be feeling after my daughter's own poor experience of the NHS.I think you are doing the best thing,taking as many photos as you can with each flare,and documenting your symptoms on a daily basis,I found it sad that the only way anyone would commit them selves or take notice of my daughter was when she made a formal complaint in writing to our local hospital.Now all of a sudden she is being taken seriously,she's had bloods that show major problems,now she is due skin biopsies in 3 weeks.she is flailing badly at the moment and not taking her plaquil or methotrexate,only antibiotics and steroids for two weeks.I do hope you get some answers,keep on fighting, I really do feel for you.Take care Sandy.


IThanks again...

I begining to thing the only was to be heard effectively is to make a noise... I'm taking a friend with me to the next meeting who is a retired community sister - so hopefullywill feel stronger and more confident with her there.

Hope your daughter has more success - the one thing I've learn't is to follow your instincts is you think there is something wrong.



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