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At last! Someone who is listening to me!!!

Fed up with the NHS docs keep messing me about so I went private yesterday!

Went to a specialist wow what a difference money makes!!!!Saw the most gorgeous charming doctor who actually listened to me.He has taken mega blood tests and I'm going back to him on Oct 5th to get results!

I feel relieved that I'm actually getting some attention now.I was fed up with my appointments being cancelled delaying them months on end.They just don't give a damn how we feel!I have been waiting for NHS to put me on meds but as he keeps cancelling the appointment I'm left in Limbo!

I ma lucky and have some medical cover through my husbands job.I can only get a diagnosis but then have to go back NHS but at least I will know!

Feeling a bit happier today!

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I am glad to hear that you are finally getting help. It isn't nice when people can't see what is wrong with you because it is inside! I was lucky i suppose, my GP was great and really supported me and kept pushing the hospital to help me and wventually I was diagnosed after 2 months of quite a bad time. I have my GP to thank though, without hiim, who knows where I would be now. I hope you get what you need to help control your illness, it is such a relief isn't it? X


glad you have someone fighting your corner makes a big difference


So glad to hear that you're getting the help you need now.

I have found an easier method is to pray.

I did this 5 days ago as my current meds are producing horrendous side effects and I wasn't due to see the consultant until mid-November.

The result : I now have an appointment in 2 days' time.

Now need to continue prayers that the next meds will be much more suitable.

All the best x x


Thanks for all your comments it is so great that we have each other to let off steam to!Wishing you all the best and keep smiling!


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