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Things Going on Upper Side

My Wife(30 years age) was Diaganosed with Lupus Nephriyus Class iv ,2 and a half years go , Innitially put on to Bonus IV Solution Solumedrol (3 doses Rcvd) , Mycophenolate 3gm ,Hydrochloroquin ,Prednesol 20mg, After 3 months she was having Rashes on all of her body , then she was given 2 doses of cyclophosphomide , rashes were ok and then again switched back to Mycophenolate .Last year she was also diaganosed with Endometroises 3.1 x 1.3 x 2.2 cm , and calculi in rt kidney about 6.3 mm and 8.1 mm calculus in rt kidney 8,1 mm, She was put to danocrine(Danazole ) 300 mg , and for calculi its simple citro soda . after 3 months + 6 months dose of danocrine the symptomps of endometroiises(Pain , burning sense at the problem area) still there , and calculi are also present.

On 17th of sep , there is an appointment with Rheumotologist , so today got another Usg in which they say cmd disturbance, kidney colur change ,endometroises still present , calculi still present , Liver Size enlarged about 16 cm with mild diffuse faty infilteration.

Although the renal tests shows not too much change or disturbance , and creatinine stays well in limit of 1.1 to 1.3 but my Main cocern seems to be the kidneys ,i am much worried she may have the failure ,dialasis , Transplant, whcich is much horrifying picture for Me (I am still thinking +ve , and pray God for the best) .Problem is that my both sons(9 and 8 years old) are in their innitial ,further problem with their Mom may disturb them more in studies and every aspect of life .Need some advice and encouragement.

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Hi there, I'm not able to comment on the medical side, but I wanted to say how lucky your wife is to have you. I'm 34. I was diagnosed 3 years ago. Since then my husband has hardly shown any care or concern. I know he resents me and the fact that i am ill. I would say trust in God and put your faith in him. I sincerely hope your wife makes a good recovery. God bless your family.


Hi Imran,

So sorry for your wife and family. It must be so hard to be so ill and have two young children to look after. It is also very hard for the carer too to see their partner in pain. Are you able to contact a carers group so that you can access support for yourself. They also have young carers groups with days out for other children in like minded situations. I hope that things do not progress any further for your wife. Best wishes Marion


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