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WHY ARE NHS DIRECT more helpful than the docs?

After 40 bouts of the runs in 8 hours decided to contact NHS direct, they were fab, discussed my lupus and said i needed to be seen by a doc as I had a temp and obviously immune system down and should have blood test and maybe some antibiotics .

So i rang the docs, the receptionist asked me to spell Lupus, said doc would ring me back.

after 60 bouts doc rang me back, hardly asked any questions but said that she really needed to see me. I explained no way i could get there, i only live 400m from the surgery but by this time i was so exhausted, the doc decided that it was impossible for her to come and see me so wrote me a prescription for rehydration stuff and tablets to stop me going, and if i didn't feel better in 24 hours to ring her back - what a joke!!!!

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You are right, it really is a joke. Do they not realise, as GP's they should do house-calls as part of their job, not when they deem it necessary! Ok, I have no doubt that there are some people who call the doctor out when they could have got to the surgery, but they can't judge someone's illness by 'phone and diagnose. I had the same problem with my surgery. A lot of GP's are good, but there are some damn right lazy ones who are draining our taxes and doing nothing to help the sick.


Hi tired mum. As u say what a joke! Last year i had a similar expierience, but my bout of the runs was bacteria linked. Dosen't your doc realise how dangeroous it is leaving someone who is going that many times in such a short time frame? I came home on a drip after developing a nasty bug (was in hospital). I was only home a few hours when i started with the runs. The district nurse was coming out that evening to administer iv antibiotics. I told her i could'nt stop going to the loo,(5 times 6 hrs) decided to leave me overnight and stopped the drip. Next morning a nurse came out from the hospital to restart the drip. I'd been up most of the night with the runs again 5-6 times. She said that was to many times to go in 24 hrs and was at risk of dehydration and salt imbalance. Apparentley over 5 times in 24hrs is dangerous. So i went straight back into hospital put on yet another drip. Hope you have settled down now, must have been a nightmare for u. If you're still having probs ring your doc and insist they come out to you, this is not on. Take care



Two years ago i had the runs every morning for 11days twice i rang for a doctors appt and could not get one for ages ,on 2nd call i insisted that i need to see a doctor the receptionist said sorry we dont have anything try ringing the next day again.

To make this quick that night i was so ill husband took me to hospital ended up i had numerous drips and injections also kept in overnight.

When i came home my symptons did not change and this time the doctor came out my daughter and him had an argument,,as he said that they did not know how ill i was,my daughter said my mam told the girl how ill i was and she said sorry no appointments but try something from chemist.

Long story short my daughter asked the rude doctor to leave as she said you are only covering each others back.

He denied that this was said and said that i should have insisted that a doctor ring me back.

Now when i cannot get an appt i insist on a doctor ring me back and lo and behold they do and sometimes i am seen the same day.

Funny how you can get to see a doctor the same day yet when you phone for a one it can take 2 weeks for an appointment, even after you tell the receptionist what is wrong.


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