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Well I managed a week back at work. I work with children so it was lovely to see all those happy little faces smiling back at me. It was good to keep busy, well with two weeks off there was (s????t)loads of work to do, but I managed it. I also had a good weekend. Managed the shopping, bingo with a friend and a night out with the girls from work for a pizza. Got a little shaky at the end of the night but I think that was because I was tired. So things are on the up. Panic attacks, I'm not gonna let you beat me!!!!

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  • Well done you!! It sounds like you are rebuilding your life and also managing to have a great time too! It's lovely to hear how you are not letting your health condition beat you and you are claiming back your life. Thanks for posting :-)

  • Thats my Girl but don't over do it One day at the Time


    I have Lupus ,but Lupus does not have me.!

  • Lovely news and full of inspiration for others. Thanks for letting us know:)

  • that's really good news, hope things continue to go well for you xx

  • great to here your great news x

  • congrats girl! keep the spirit up



  • Thanks everyone for the great messages and support xx

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