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swelling legs

my legs swell up i get water tablets from the Dr and he gave me support stockings that i wear a lot but my legs still swell up and i cant wear the stockings. now the Dr wont give me anymore water tablets and the way iam at the moment i just would like to sort out the depression and being fat and just to have a nice social life as not many people know what its like to have lupus xx

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Hey scotty

I'm sorry you feel so down. I too suffer from swelling of the legs. I've been to see a specialist who says its lymphodemea and lipodemea. There isn't any cure but very good treatment. I see a specialist nurse who has a wealth of knowledge. He measures my legs and prescribes made to measure hosiery which has helped me greatly.

I also suffer from depression and it is horrible. I recently saw a specialist who has changed my antidepressants. I now feel soooo much better. If you get an opportunity why not explain to your GP how low you feel. Maybe a change of meds could do the trick??

I wish you luck and some bright sunny days to lift your mood. :-)


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