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Legs swelling up

Does anyone have problems with their legs swelling, in fact legs hands and face swelling and radiating heat, rest body cold. Malar rash prominent and I have pain in my neck this usually happens when I've pushed myself all day but today I've done the food shopping and walked the dogs

Iam on lethothyroxine 100mg azathioprine , hydroxacloraquin something for raynards and a several painkillers.

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Yes. Yes. And bad pain, swollen burning muscles and cervical vertebrae (throat hurts too).

I'm sorry--it's awful isn't it? The neck pain comes and goes. When it comes it beginning of week two.

The burning face rash and legs and feet feel like ice. Swelling mostly in hands neck face....

Food shopping and walking the dogs would be a major push for me...that's pretty impressive

What is azathioprine? I take hydrochlorquinine (plaquinil),

5 mgs. Prednisone and weekly injections of methotrexate. Pain killers too. Started gabapentin recently.

I really feel for you. Please PM if you want--(I don't know much about that). Maybe it helps to know you're not alone. I just had a major meltdown just before reading your post. I had posted earlier but it was lost. : (

Listening to some fantastic incredible music now -- I'll try to find out what it is and send it to you.

The titles at least. Take care,



Thank you for replying, the tablets you asked about are immune suppressants.

I hope your feeling better this morning, think it's a day in bed for me.

I'am glad i'am not alone in away, only because I feel for anyone who feels like I do and has this awful illness, if I had 3 wishes they would all be to cure anyone with lupus or any illness.


If your doctor is in agreement, try acupuncture. I used to suffer from swollen legs, ankles, hands, wrists, knees etc but none of the pills I was given really helped. I went to see an acupuncturist really in desperation and the swelling went completely after just four treatments.. The acupuncturist said that he would not be able to help my Lupus but would definitely help the swelling. I've never regretted going and would highly recommend it. As mentioned, check with your GP or hospital doctor first. Good luck!


Might be worth ago if she agrees to send me thank you x


I've recently started to get face swelling (angioedema). Gp says to take antihistamines, which I take but as to what causes these, no idea. Gp says it is the lupus. Hm. I'm moving to a different immunosuppressive on Monday, so I'll see f that sorts it out.


Fingers crossed it works, let's know as I would be very interested x


Fingers crossed it works, let's know as I would be very interested x


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