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Thank goodness, as of tomorrow im starting a course of water tablets to bring down the swelling in my feet and legs, be great to not be walking around like Frankenstein's Monster lol Thanks to my Wonderful boyfriend whos there for me 100% for driving me to get them even though he was completely shattered from work, so could not have coped with bus lol =D xx

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  • Hi Nikki, glad youve got the tabs, hope you feel better soon x

  • Thanks Trace =] xx

  • hope these bring you some relief and hurray for boyfriend :)

  • I really hope so, cant wait for them to kick in lol thank u =D xx

  • Aww happy to know you will be getting some relief-but those water tablets come with running to the bathroom, some calcium loss as well. It helps to keep your feet elevated and to drink less fluids as well. I was on water tablets for over 10 years-so I learnt that some work better than some-listen to your body, ask to change to a milder drug if you feel that it is too aggressive-but with lots of patience your feet should soon be normal-get lots of rest too-that helps with the swelling.

  • Thanks Tammie, lol thats what my mum said, ill be running to the toilet every 2mins lol oh calcium loss =/ im on they adcal d3s, maybe should drink more milk 2 lol i have my feet up as we speak after a long day at college, it never felt so good to just sit lolol xx

  • BTW-hats off to the bf!!!!!

  • Hes just the best =D lol xx

  • Oh what also helps is if you can have them gently rubbed/massaged for you-helps with the circulation and feels ohhh soo good too!!!!

  • Ive been thinking about that but its really sensitive to touch, my fingers feel like they have been dipped in acid first lol xx

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