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I am really really looking forward to our visitors this evening, they're coming from abroad and staying with us for 5 days... I've missed them since they moved to France so we will have a nice catch up... BUT we haven't had visitors stay with us for years only maybe a friend for one night and I'm dreading the physical drain of staying awake long days, being a happy hostess, cooking, cleaning, entertaining and picking up after our animals to make the house look presentable... usually when we see friends its at their house, or ours but for a few hours and then they go home and i can collapse or take it easy the next day... I know I have to be true to myself and my disease that there are limitations but I just don't think even my closest friends would understand when I've over done it or the stress could make me ill. Deep down I'm sure it will be ok but it's the anticipation that makes me nervous. I'm sure we'll have a lovely time. Anyone else have these thoughts or anxieties? Or is it really just me...

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Can really equate to this is feel this real thing about having to have everything sorted when guests come even for a few hours I have had people for a couple of days and they are truly my closest friends but I don't think they got. If I am honest I don't think anyone gets what it is like my husband and mum say they are here to help etc but I still feel they don't really get when I have to stop and surrender for a while. I think its the stress that gets to me I tend to get into the cycle of stress because of upcoming whatever so start to get worst then stress over getting worst and not being able to cope then it just spirals from there. Honestly I haven't found a strategy yet but would love one. I have just flopped exhausted on the couch after doing my sons birthday bowling this morning and party this afternoon. I hope your friends holiday goes well all I can suggest is that you suggest to your friends to go out somewhere without you one of the days to give you a rest of course putting it better than that.


My visitors are lovely and we are having a lovely time, they have hired a car to get out and about to visit friends/places so they're not relying on me to be their entertainment... but they love the sun and the outdoors and we went out yesterday it was a cloudy morning quite cool so off we went to this very outdoor open animal park/adventure playground and the glorious sunshine comes out, I'd forgotten hats/suncream (I'm usually so up together with this sort of stuff as the sunlight affects me) so we had to leave them there and come home, there was hardly any shade there and I felt rather uncomfortable being in the sunlight... I'm very red today, not burnt as I hadn't stayed out in it long but I go very very red... hydroxychloroquine has dampened the effects of sunlight on my skin I used to get terrible bumps on my arms which were very sore.


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