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Well hello all. Haven't been on for a while as being back at work then getting home and doing jobs around the house, I'm just shattered and want to sleep.( and ive been reading all about MR GRAY lol) Update on panick attacks: well they have become better to cope with and I am able to control and calm myself when they do happen which I'm glad to say has become a lot less lately. Still taking it one day at a time and the medication is still doing its job. My friends have been great and they are really understanding if I can't make a night out because I'm not feeling great. Some have even come around to have a girley night in with me with food, DVDs and giggles. My partner has been a saint and I can not thank him and love him enough. For those who have read my other blogs, I'm keeping up with the light exercise and taking it slowly and it's true what they say, it does give you a lift so I would recommend it to anyone who is suffering depression. Well hopefully I can keep up with my new routines and lifestyle. Keep you posted soon xxx

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  • Well done you! Thanks for sharing this positive news, it's very encouraging. Keep up the good work. I too have found that sometimes the best medicine is laughing with good friends, and taking a walk in the woods or on the hills.. it really lifts the spirit. xx

  • Keep up the good work.

  • Brilliant! So pleased to hear your life has improved so much :-) x

  • Welcome back! Please keep us posted.......

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