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Been off sick for about 6/7 weeks now, not able to maintain my iron levels & waiting for a bone marrow test.

I've been told that the Azathioprine I've been taking has damaged my bone marrow (not sure to what effect yet), hense the bone marrow test. Also been told that I now have a blood disorder of some sort.

Do I speak to Citizens Advice or leave it? I'm getting SSP.

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How long have you been taking azathioprine? Have you been having regular blood tests while taking it? Did they test you for TPMT before you started? Do you know the name of the blood disorder - is it lupus-related?

Sorry to bombard you with a lot of questions, but I would be really interested to know.

Also - importantly, are there any sings of improvement in your health since you've been off work?



Im sorry you have been so poorly 6/7weeks is a long time to be off work I know nothing of azathioprine so cant help all I can do is offer support, Have you asked your gp for advice? and if so was he/she helpfull? we do walk a minefield with lupus dont it likr walking in thick fog or nailing jelly to the wall, let me know your doing in a few weeks .judith


MaggieS: yes I had the TPMT test prior to starting & all was good, been on & off Azathioprine since having Lupus about 4 years now. I have bloods done every fortnight, even weekly. They don't know the blood disorder yet, awaiting a bone marrow test to find out what damage jars been done.

Wood: my gp is so helpfull & supportive, more so than my consultant.


You poor thing. At least you have a supportive GP. I really hope things get better soon. Take care.


Iron levels have come good with herb Ashwagandha for me. If it's still an issue for you if you are thinking to try it, please do check with trained herbalist and GP first to see if it might suit you. Hope things are improving.


Thanks oaktree x


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