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well that was a waste of bleeping time !!!

Had app today to see my local rhuemy. I went in and he had the look of uninterest written all over him !

I told him about my balance and my headaches have got a lot worse ........ 'Tramadol can cause that, 8 a day is a very high dose, Iwant you to take 1 , 3 times a day. ( i told him that i usually tak between 4 and 6 and only 8 when i am flaring so i've already reduced the amount i could take !)

I told him that Dr Sanna had diagnosed Sgogrens , to which his only response was ' Amitriptalin can cause dryness ' So no , he didnt even want to consider this diagnosis ! I told him that i had the test twice ( the paper in the eyes ) and on both occasions were bone dry ! His response......... sweet F A !!!!!!It was like looking at a robot , i wanted to check his pulse to see if he was real ! 'is anybody in there !???' 'I'll see you in 6 mnths '

Well i think somebodies nose is put out of joint because he didnt have enough savvy to test me after saying about my eyes and mouth for 2 fffffing years !

Anyway he's got zero people skills and no expression, just in and out . Oh ,and he still didnt mention my balance !!!!! Hate going to see him now ;(

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Sounds as bad as mine, l have asked to be referred to another one that was recommended to me and l am making a formal complaint to PALS - why should l pay his wages when he is clearly incompetent ? These kind of consultants need to be reported and have to stand up for their unprofessional conduct - they are not gods !!!!!!Half the time we know more about our illnesses than they do.


Yeah , as if being ill wasnt enough eh !? I will ask to be referred too.


I hate that when you tell them about something and they say nothing. Evertime I go to see mine I promis myself that I won't leave before I get an answer, I never do last time I asked hime about my memory and all he said was "well I have no way of testing it hear" when I go back I'm going to ask wher I can go to get it checked.


Sounds just like a politition ( mp , sorry crap spelling )


Try and take somebody with you or record the session on your phone - and let them know you're recording it so you can play it back to yourself later, in case you forget anything ! that gets their attention !


Good idea but i'll try and change my rhuemy first, i've lost all faith in this one !


So frustrating when consultants are so dismissive, non-attentive and make you feel your wasting their time. I have experienced this many times over the years to diagnosis, but now I have a list of the Top 5 problems that are bothering me, this was a tip given to me by a doctor, and I make sure these top 5 problems or questions are addressed before I leave. Having a list also spares me the frustration of not being able to either remember (fog) or even speak, brain fog with me is accompanied by words coming out sometimes in a jumbled mess, as in what is in brain does not connect with my mouth!

And of course, if you do not feel comfortable with a certain consultant, you are entitled to change. Hope this helps.


I didnt take a list this time, but wish i had cause when i feel uncomfortable i forget things and feel like i've been babbling , everything goes to pot ! i wish i wasnt like that



i totally feel for you, my rhuemmy is exactly the same. i once took my daughter (22) with me and she was shocked how rude mine is,she asked my daughter more questions than me?! lol. im looking into PALS as ive had enough of living like this with no help or answers for 8 years.

stay strong poppet and search for a doc who cares x


Blimey , 8 yrs is a long time , dont blame you ! x


I would go to PALS - I used them before with regards to my daughter

and how she was treated - with Great results. The Doctors were very

attentive the next time we went.

Having said that - that is how they should have been the first time.

I now ALWAYS take a friend of mine who is a retired community sister -

She doesn't do messing....



Is your friend free !!!??? I know of a particular rhuemy that could do with listening to someone like her !lol x


Oh I DO sympathise. Have had recently had an appalling consultation with a creature at my GP surgery - thankfully not my regular GP. Said person was so dismissive and arrogant I slammed the door on the way out - and he's now complained about me to my practice. Even worse, in many ways, they've written to me, censuring me and threatening to remove me from the practice if this happens again - but haven't asked me for my version of events. And I've been a patient at that practice for over 20 years with never a cross word - though often they would have been well justified. Talk about fuming!!!!

Tomorrow shall be delivering a strong but polite letter to the practice manager. If that doesn't produce a satisfactory result, I shall be going to PALS or some similar service.

We really shouldn't have to put up with all this c**p on top of everything else.

Hope you soon find a more sympathetic rheumy Larissa.


so do I.i had the same experience at my surgery.normally wont see any other dr than my own but on two occasions saw other drs who were was very arrogant and neither gave me a reason for my symptoms tho I cant now recall what the second was for-except I remember saying "Thanks for nothing and for wasting my time"and complaining to the practice manager about his attitude but received no apology-just said "I didnt think he was like that".i have contacted PAls in the past and got nowhere with that either.


Poor you ! Dont forget to make copies of any letters etc sent or recieved .

Some drs' need to be taken down a peg or two. Shame they dont have to pass a ' patient care and politness ' test ! And are reminded that being a GP isnt a licience to be rude !!! I wish you luck x


Hi...Do go to Pals and report this is really annoying how many medical practioners get away with bad / shoddy /uncaring consultations...we wait long enough to get them and our taxes help pay their wages.There is nothing worse than when you are feeling bad to have this compounded by dismissive treatment.Hospitals have patients charters on the way you should expect to be treated..let them know how you have been failed by your rheumy and more importantly how you have been made to feel.

Take care and dont let them grind you down!


Thankyou for your kind words x


I saw my rheumatologist last Novembe, asked how things said fairly stable up til 2 years ago then everything got worse.interrupted me saying you ve gained 11 kgs since last appt (7 years ago).I said its not through diet as I don't eat cakes biscuits snacks puddings and very little fried food. and I never feel hungry and only have breakfast and a small meal at midday.i also told him that any weight gain was all abdominal(my stomach was so swollen I look several months pregnant and is getting bigger and heavier)as I had lost weight on my arms legs bum and face. he dismissed this by saying you need to lose weight and I suggest you see a dietician.when will drs ever gp keeps saying I have bloating and IBS.i know I don't and my swollen abdomen is either a cyst or tumour-there is no other reason fro weight gain.,

I have also seen ENT consultant a couple of months ago as my nose is swollen with bruising and sores in nostrils.He told me my nose was NOT swollen- (ER I think i know my own nose more than someone who has never met me before)finally got a letter saying ct scan shows no problems with rang hospital and asked why it said this.receptionist said she would look in my notes and speak to consultant. that was 4 days ago -still waiting somade an apt to see my dr on Monday.(nose ulcers /sores sign of lupus)

I also take a list of thinsg I need to discuss/bring to drs attention .


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