Slightly shabby

i was out in town with my girlfriends yesterday, lunch and a few drinks... not normally a problem but having problems with the old swallow reflex at the moment, so skipped most of the lunch and just had the drinks.... big mistake!!.. lack of food, etodolac tablets, pms, and just being dumped... made me horrendous company... i got trolleyed, came home and spent most of the night in the bathroom.... what a fantastic example im setting for my 15 year old daughter.. not

feeling very ashamed of myself and will be making a few apologies today...

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Aw, bless you. Sounds like you've had a rough time.I so admire that you're a mature student. I wouldn't mind going back to do some further studying. Might even give me some self confidence back. What d'you think?


I'm sure you're feeling worse than what others are thinking of you... try not to dwell on it, we all do these sorts of things once in our lives and you've been through enough to warrant a dodgy night... explain about your swallow prob, tablets and alcohol = a terrible time and you're not planning to repeat it any time soon. Be kind to yourself


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