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Hey, I asked my doctors before about should I change my diet cutting out foods or different types, and they said it would make no difference and there's no diet.

But recently watched few documentaries on meat and healthy living and just wondering if anyone has cut out any foods or drinks in their life that they have seen an improvement? Dairy and red meat is of course not the best but it's sometimes hard to adviod if you don't want to become a full vegetarian, any thoughts let me know!

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  • I started an anti inflammatory diet 2months ago. No diary, no gluten, no grains or pasta. I am allowed to eat all meat except pork (which i heard can cause nerve pain), and shellfish. I always thought i was allergic to shell fish.

    My scalp is no longer scabbed and itchy. The sun doesnt hurt me when it use to. I still have tight shoulders and back pain but i think it may be caused by going off the diet and cheating here and there. I have more energy. I can breathe better. My ears dont hurt anymore. I am healing my intestines with the diet I am on. Not an easy program, but i believe it is well worth it.

    I also use oil therapy. Anti inflammatory, anti fungal and anti bacterial oils. Calming oils.

    Good luck with your decision!

  • Oh, and of course veggies. Stay off night shades if you have RA.

  • What is night shades? I think I've seen that somewhere is it a herb?

  • No. night shades are like tomatoes, potatoes, can look it up.

  • Tell me more bout your back shoulder pain i have that alot& what do u eat? Thanx

  • I was told pork is ok but no red meat. What oils do you mean. To put on skin or take?

  • Oils on skin. I use organice cold pressed sesame oil on my scalp and body once a week. Anti inflammatory, anti fungal, anti bacterial. Lavender oil on my feet when I go to sleep. Helps me sleep. Coconut oil take internally heals the brain.

    I out peppermint oil on shoulders for pain. My husband has two torn shoulders. I put peppermint oil on. Helps a lot.

  • Oh, and the skin stopped peeling off my forefinger.

  • I have just watched a film on YouTube (again) called fat sick and nearly dead, and he and another guy cured themselves of immune disorder, by juicing. They did it for a prolonged period, but both looked and felt amazing afterwards.

    I've tried it before, but found it hard to keep up. Though I did look and feel better. My friend was reall shocked at how much better I looked. I wasn't overweight....though I am a bit now with steroids. It's worth a watch, and really inspiring seeing the change in them.

    Also i was too sick to go to college the other day, and did some research and found that people with lupus has much higher levels of Epstein barre virus in their bodies. The research suggests that it could be a trigger for lupus, or that our immune system can't deal with the virus's usually dormant in healthy people after the initial illness. I'm trying some natural antiviral supplements to see it will will help, I'll keep you all updated.

    All the best

  • Yeah I watched cowspricy, and forks over knifes and it mentions auto immune disease and such, gotta love documentaries but sometimes you think is this actually true or just some random data lol,

    Eating healthy is also really expensive, tried to do a smoothly every day last summer was costing £30 a week is crazy,

    But yeh let me know how that goes definitely

  • Kale is 98 cents here, frozen fruit at dollar tree, thats all u need, 98% kale spinach fresh and small handful frozen fruit or and banana blueberries, it's when you want to add almonds or ground flaxseed and all that is when it gets expensive but just with the greens and fruit it will do wonders fruits only to drowned out the kale taste too much would be too much sugar try again and good luck

  • Interesting about the anti viral suppplement. I am curious. A lot of my program is garlic and onions in every meal. I hear they are anti bacterial. Maybe viral. Always tired and taking naps as a young adult, like I had chronic fatigue. Very interesting. Thank you forsharing jacqueline. The diet and juicing is exhausting to do daily.

  • I'm using olive leaf and oregano. Also apple cider vinegar and coconut oil. Also higher doses of vitamin c.

    I used these before for a while....a few years ago, as I've always suspected I have some underlying virus because of fevers. For the first time ever my blood tests showed negative for lupus. I don't know why I stopped doing it.

    I was still having allergies but maybe if I had carried main allergy is insect bites in the summer.

    I'm trying it all again and have been in a juice fast for 3 days now. I'm determined to make long term changes to my diet this time and juice every day.

    I also have auto immune hepatitis, sjogrens and fibromyalgia so life is really hard trying to juggle college with all these illnesses. I'll keep you updated.

  • Good morning, Sorry to hear about your condition. I have not practiced this approach but many people expressed this logically. I just got a book - with some recipes as well. Its worth trying. Best wishes

  • Hi Jess_doyle,

    There are certain foods that may be best to avoid or limit in your diet and others that can be good for you. Overall, the recommended diet for somebody with lupus is a healthy, balanced one. You can learn more about lupus and healthy eating in our booklet at

  • Dairy dont agree with me , been trying 2 eat right for weight loss but yes i heard trying to eat different would indeed help. I agree some fattening foods bring me down give me indigestion heartburn but when i eat fruits salads, no sodas ect i do feel better, give it a try!!! Im all for it.

  • I cut out most sugars but continued with meat and lots of vegies. Basically doing the Paleo diet. It has made a HUGE difference. My energy levels are better and my symptoms less. I eat nuts and seeds with a little fruit and yogurt for breakfast, salad and tuna or boiled eggs for lunch. I make sure I eat two boiled eggs a day to maintain the protein levels. Chicken and fish every second day. Red meat about once a week. I was almost full vegetarian before ....but everyone is different. So best to cut out all processed food and start eating healthier for sure - and slowly introduce other things. Yogurt is also good - I never used to eat it. But read alot about getting your gut bacteria balanced. It is probably a key too. I also stopped taking all vitamins apart from a Vit D spray (in mouth) during winter months.

    Good luck.

  • All things in moderation. I try do do that, but total abstinence from any food group is unhealthy unless you have an allergy. That's what I believe and aside from occasional 'bingeing' it works for me. I sometimes know why I have flare ups (ie-too much avocado=arthritic gout..ouch) lol.

  • Yes, I cut way down on dairy, meat, eggs and peanuts. Don't eat any refined foods and my symptoms and signs are gone. This approach also took care of life long bronchial asthma. The doctor is quite pleased, but are remissions like this common with SLE?

  • Sometimes you could be alright for years then bang.. but eating healthy most likely helps it not flare up! Why gonna try start looking into new dinners and such... I do cook at home a lot but I doubt it's still healthy! Got a slow cooker tho it's amazing 😍

  • Thank you for your response. I also just bought a slow cooker. Joan

  • Red meat kill me. I get a lot of joint pain. Dairy is ok, but not much.

  • I went on the anti-inflammatory Paleo diet almost 3 years ago. I have tested negative for lupus for 18 months. I decided to pursue this after being allergic to Plaquenil and suffering for nine months on methotrexate. And seeing no results. The bonus was losing 28 pounds😊

  • I find reducing gluten and dairy has really helped, as well as using turmeric and cinnamon in my food and drinks when sensible. It really shows how limited some doctors are in their knowledge when they disregard the importance of diet and how it can affect diseases. We really do have to find out what works for us and remain open-minded about things as every human being is different.

  • Total agree all body's are different some diets or food works for others and some don't, but it would be nice the doctors to be like look these foods could flare you up try and avoid them or so on, bread does upset me sometimes and other times it's grand. Lol

  • as I've mentioned before, the typical 'good diet' thing for me doesn't work; I'm allergic to soy products, can't digest vegetable proteins so anything vegetarian/vegan would do me in.

    I try to buy organic and I grow vegetables and fruit; just harvested the last of my apples today and brought my winter squashes in, so they'll get cooked with over the winter months, and the parsnips are still in the ground till I need them. I tend to buy meat from local farmers directly such as pork - and I cure my own bacon. I can't do without meat or protein, so I've compromised and eat 'wild' food like venison, boar, pheasant, rabbit, and bison. I don't do well with beef and don't really care for the taste much, tending to substitute lamb or goat if the other red meats are out of season. I've started eliminating chicken in my diet due to all the antibiotics and, to be honest, chicken breast is boring! I get more flavour from chicken thighs than the white meat and don't need to eat as much of it as a result. I get my milk in the bottles, non-homogenised (as it's often the homogenisation in milk that people react to), eat cheese in moderation, try to get more variety in fruit and veg (though due to exhaustion I can sometimes find this hard - the Dutchman is a good cook however and he makes some great salads which I eat with gusto).

    I would advise caution in cutting too many things out - I've stated several times in threads like this I hospitalised myself more than once because I tried eating 'healthy like I'm supposed to' according to other people's bodies and advice, and ignored what my body was saying to me. It doesn't matter how many things have helped other people or what kind of 'research' they surfed off Google they wave at you, or even what specialists might the end of the day you have to find what works best for you. Don't break the bank trying to crack the idyllic code of diet, and don't beat yourself up if the 'perfect' eating strategy doesn't work for you.

    Good luck!

  • Couldn't agree with you more. I do not follow diet advice blindly, but really pay attention to the source of info and totally listen to my body. I am one who can't eat the same thing every day or I quickly build a reaction in some form to it. This darn autoimmune stuff is really a head scratcher. My latest thing is itchy hives. Right now just small patches on the torso, but why? What is doing this? I spend lots of time on research and no one seems to have definitive answers which tells me even the docs are baffled .any ideas out there?

  • Diet change saved my life. I eat NO processed foods, occasionally animal products and no artificial anything. Because one's skin is the body's largest organ, I only wear skin items with no or little chemical. Your doctor is scary and not up to date. Be proactive and really get involved with your health. I used to spend a lot of time in ER and taking heavy meds all of which had side effects. Am now seventy-three and do not need or take any drugs for anything. I feel great! Find senior yoga and walking to be my most enjoyable exercises. My very supportive doctor cannot believe my changed health! We also use white vinegar for cleaning.

    Good luck and self-discovery to you.

  • I just watch a diet guru that said it is not about is about FOOD choices...two people went on the same calorie diet but one concentrated on good whole food and the other just calories...guess who lost weight.....portion control and good real food not processed is what all my weight watcher friends tell me....portion control...and veggies and little friend said she mainly ate shrimp and chicken baked ,,...nothing fried....and veggies and portion control getting ready for her sons wedding on weight watchers and she is a baker.....she lost a lot of weight....but it was slow...1-2 pounds a week...sshe said the hardest was portion control

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