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burning sensation on the right side of my back, and right breast anyone help??

i have recently been feeling this burning numb sensation on my right side of my back under the shoulder, and the numbness has moved around to my breast, it is really sensitive to touch, i cant llay on my back and i cant even wear my bra!! this has lasted over a week now, and i am going drs on the 27th, for them to again tell me err we dont no , it has stopped my gym work outs and i even had time off work so far, it is awful

i have had blood tests as per usual, but again they say the same as usual, my bloods are ok?? this does not surprise me, but i also have been feeling very down and tired, and in this heat makes the pain of the numbness worse, i take my meds etc, but with lupus being a grey are do the bloods always show anything??

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it feels awful, i cant sit at work feeling uncomfortable,


join the club with lupus pain that no-one but a lupus sufferer will understand. and you are right the doctors will look at you or should i say stare right through you.

my shoulder (left) has been burning and aching for 5 weeks now and is very weak. i am just waiting for my back and knees to start and for the gp to say its because i have been obese thats why i am in pain. i could laugh out loud but i wont.


Hi, is it like really sore skin. I get that almost like you have a burn. It can be anywhere on my body or head and feels very uncomfortable. Not sure why t happens. Hope you get an answer. X


I have the same problem and it not comfortable it hurts a lot what can I do


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