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bouncing back!

Well I'm very happy to say that I feel so much better and more like my old self since recovering from my reaction to steroids! My consultant phoned me yesterday and suggested that the next course of action would be to take high dose Naproxen (along with a stomach protecting medication) to get the burning pains in my arms under control. So I feel happy to have a plan :-)

I also thought I would share with you that I met up with a friend of mine who is a bit bonkers but very creative and makes me laugh.. and she suggested that I get creative with dealing with my aches and pains and give them all personalities so that I can chat to them instead of trying to push them away all the time. I know.. it does sound bonkers.. but while trying to nap the other day all my aches and pains started to come to life and introduce themselves!! My imagination really took over and I've had a lot of fun with it:

Bernard is the burning pains. He is tall and skinny with red hair and bushy beard, with jeans made into shorts (cut too high so the pockets hang lower!) and sits in the corner humming in an annoying way. "Oh shut up Bernard!" I hear myself say!

Fat Eddie is the crushing fatigue, a very fat bloke with a baseball cap, who comes blundering in and sits on me. The kids really understand my fatigue since I explained that it felt like a fat guy sitting on me!

Rod, Jane and Freddy (sore throat, glands up, headache) are the gang that keep singing loudly together. First starts Rod, then Jane comes in discordantly and then Freddy will jump in at the chorus and together they sound awful!!

Nevil (nerve pain) is a small blond curly haired angry boy with glasses who shoots me with his arrows. "ouch! Cut it out Nevil" I say.

The biggest party popper of them all is Mary Migraine. She's a large middle aged lady with greasy hair and a bad taste in clothes and she dominates when she comes along. But thinking of the pain as 'Mary' helps me to keep my humour!

I have many other characters that have come alive representing my joint pains ('The Shirleys' are twins that hurt my shoulders!) but I will hold back from sharing all of them as you probably think I'm completely bonkers by now!! Hope it makes you smile anyway!! :-)

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Coping Skills 101 : identify with your pain = visual imagery and distraction

write / illustrate a book for children with lupus



Certainally made me chuckle, what a great way to overcome all the quirks this lupus throws at us. Agree with Nouska, write a book, but not only for children I'm sure alot of adults would enjoy the read as well


This made me chuckle! Think it's brilliant. Book is a good idea too! In my journal I have given various symptoms 'roles'' on stage. Their roles are determined by their level of dominance. It has never been quite as detailed as your characters though but it has humoured me! Thanks x


this made me smile thank u xx


Glad I make you smile! I'd love to hear about your own characters.. what would they look like and how do they behave? I'd love to hear about your characters Petey and what their stage roles are!

A book eh? Now you've got me thinking!

Stay sane everyone - especially in the UK (why is it either blinking raining or too blinking hot?!!) I keep feeling rather trapped in the house whatever.. but I did manage to have a lovely walk last night when it cooled down. xx


this is fantastic it :-)


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