Slowly getting back to normal life!

Some good news finally. Getting back to work next week - only part time but hey that's better than no time at all. Going stir crazy not being able to work or take part in my boys brigade. Immunesuppresents been upped to 3g so fingers crossed there will be no side-effects from them that will stop me getting back. Just have to be aware of my limitations and accept that I will be more tired after a full days work and if I need to rest then I will have to rest. Hopefully patients will not notice the fat face from the steroids and not mind if I wear a face mask if they look like they have colds or infections!!!

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  • Hi Lucy, I have also just returned to work after being off for nearly 3 months due to my sle and lik you I have also had to cut my hours but I have enjoyed going back even though I get very tired


  • I'm just looking forward to getting some normality and control back. I don't mind cutting my hours as I worked long hours before I was signed off and there is no way I'm going back to that again. I just know that come Tuesday tea time I am going to be knackered and have to come straight home to my bed!

  • I have had several periods of being off work and my employers want me to reduce my hours but I cannot afford to do this, so I just keep going until I get to the point where I am on my knees again, then go sick for few weeks until I recover.

  • crikey, that's familiar! My doctor wrote 'stress' on the sick note but I made him tear it up and write fatigue!! Not my regular doctor. How can we sustain this?? I'm at a loss but not beaten.. Yet!

  • My employer has really been good and I'm lucky that I can work part time if I want to although it might be a bit of a struggle to get used to as we just moved house when I was diagnosed so mortgage is bigger along with all the other bills but if I continued as I was I would have been much worse healthwise. Plus there is no way I could keep going on ssp. I can't believe how little it pays!!!

  • Hi Lucyloo

    It felt great to get back to work after being off for 6 months but I do a lot less hours how, it makes me feel I still have my independance.Hope all goes well and good luck when you go back.

  • Thanks Bettie; It' the loss of independence and control thats got to me the most I think. I hate being told what to do but I know being off was best for me to give me a few weeks just to rest and accept whats happening. I wouldnt have been able to cope with being off for 6 months though!! I've got everything crossed that it wall all be ok!!

  • Hi Lucyloo, I'll be going back to work in about a week or so too after having a good few weeks off. Back to more reduced hours after this time but I just couldn't manage the pace anymore, at least my body will be happier. I must say I've gotten quite used to the routine at home now (now that I'm a bit better) but at least when I go back I'll actually be getting out and socialising with people!

    You sound like you work in an atmosphere where you have to be amidst a lot of bugs. I work in a care home so this can get quite tricky too. There's always something going round. The mask is a good idea!

    Hope you get back ok anyway and don't work too hard.

  • I agree about the home routine,Teecayc. We just moved house when I was diagnosed and its given me a chance to get used to and enjoy the new house. Although I only worked 36 hours a week, with travelling I could leave at 8.15am and on a late night not be home till 8pm then away again at 8.15am the next day. There is no way I can continue like that and I am lucky I have an understanding boss who is letting me back whatever hours suit me and if I dont want to go back full time he's fine with that too. I work in an opticians so am dealing with the public all the time, but I should be able to avoid people with obvious infections. It's the ones you cant see thats the problem so it will be mask and hand gel!!

    Good luck to you for going back too and hope all goes well.

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