Does anyone else get bitten by bugs really bad this time of year and then swell up and then blister from it?

Is this just me and is it related to SLE or am I just an attraction to insects? my boddy has 9 bites on it today from an evening walk and they are all swollen to 3 times the normal size. It's driving me potty to react like this to every insect bite or stingy nettle contact. Just wondering.

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  • I'm like that too and just thought I was a weirdo. Doctor prescribed anti histamines which have eased the prblem slightly. Hope that helps.

  • yes. have been reacting big time to bug bites and to plant toxins all my life (am 58). so i feel for you big time

    sometimes a good antihistamine cream has helped me - ask your GP and also maybe your pharmacist. i've found it best to apply this immediately if poss

    but in recent years my bites and plant rashes have tended to go even more ballistic than ever before, e.g.this time last summer a bite grew so huge and ugly, with expanding pink inner and red outer edge inflammation spreading away from a swollen red bullseye bite: basically a cellulitis which responded to GP's flucloxacillin. i waited about a week before seeing my i realise it would have been more sensible to go sooner...

    i took pics of that bite, which both my dermy & rheumy were grateful for (my dermie tested me for lymes, but results were negative, and besides i know that wasn't a tic bite

    if possible do avoid scratching bites and keep a close eye on the progress of any reaction

    take care

  • Yes I do too! Beware of scratching too much as this can lead to infection and septicaemia and you'll need antibiotics!

  • well my arm swelled up for two days then after walking the dog yesterday I now have several more bites and my leg and shoulder have swelled up too. I have never had anything quite this bad! Thanks for the answers glad to know it isn't just me.

  • One of Dr Hughes alternative diagnostic criteria for lupus is extreme reactions to insect bites. Have had a whole arm double in size from one bite - great fun :-$

  • Ohhh stink I was hoping it was a mutant insect that caused it and not the lupus!1 Is there anything it doesn't affect!!

  • I'd forgotten to add: I use dermovate (steroid cream) for one of my secondary skin conditions, so always have it on repeat prescription. The last time I saw my rheumy she told me the minute I get a bug bit I should put a bit of that on it because my reactions have gotten so bad. Wow I thought: They usually are so cautious about steroid creams, saying use sparingly etc. But she was right: haven't had my usual spooky bite developments this summer, I guess cause have been following dermy's advice. Sad to say: she retired last spring: I will miss her....she is a genuine humane consultant, not afraid to be frank and offer slightly ' creative' tips like that one....she even told me most dermy's take dermovate with them on their hols to treat their own bites!!!!!!

  • I have gone down the road of trying to prevent the bites. After having them in every place you can imagine in one attack I was recommended a spray from Avon of all places. It is called skin so soft a replenishing dry oil body spray. I know it doesn't say it is for insect bites but it s what the army order for the soldiers when they are in climates which have nasties that bite. (so I was told). I think you will agree anything is worth trying, it is nice to use and doesn't cost a lot. Hope it helps. Have a good day. X

  • You need to protect your self , I use and has been the best ,and don't know why and lots of people use is Skin so Soft original by Avon,I swear by it

  • I have reacted severley to bites for years & always seem to attract the little blighters. This year hasn't been so bad so far only had 5 in the last week (was hoping meds were putting them off but no they found me..)

  • My son is waiting for a diagnosis and he gets attacked by insects. However, although I have SLE they never touch me. Try drinking tonic water...for some people this helps.

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