Medications and pregnancy?

Hi all,

I am currently 10.5 weeks pregnant. I have SLE, Anti-phospholipid, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis plus a host of other illnesses! When I first found out I was pregnant, at 4.5 weeks, my GP took me off all my meds except Aspirin.

I saw the Lupus pregnancy specialist this week who wants me to start back on certain meds immediately, but having done some research online I am unsure that they are safe for baby. The two I am worried about are Plaquenil (400mg) and Prednisolone steroid (10/15mg). Have any of you been on these meds or others throughout your pregnancy and were there any effects that you know of to the baby?

Thank you.

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Best to consult directly with your lupus pregnancy specialist again straight away to clarify your concerns. Both mother and fetus within must be protected as much as possible. If you do not trust your lupus pregnancy specialist then get a second opinion. Research online is online - it is not specific to you / to your specific symptoms - do not allow it to muddle your own treatment which is designed specifically for you now as is. Only your doctor/s can identify what is safe for you during your pregnancy. Please take care.


Hi laura i have SLE and raynauds and Antiphospholipid i took hydroxychloroquine and clexane throughout my pregnancy, i had four losses with no live births, i had a pulmonary embolism at 35 weeks and was due to be induced but my waters (luckily) broke at 37 1/2 weeks. My son was delivered by C section i do hope this helps, i cant help with the steroids as i have only taken these when not pregnant


I was told not to take hydroxychloroquine in pregnancy. I have sub-acute cutaneous lupus. You must be prepared for the possibility that it will take longer to recover from birth if you have an auto-immune disease. Your body will produce it's own steroids during pregnancy. Take lots of Omega fish Oils. Good luck and keep well. (I've got 7 children and they told me not to have any more after the first). x x


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