I would like to thank everyone who left a message for me on my first blog I have ever done., {not very good with computors} it has given me a lift, and I will keep up the fight, a couple of weeks ago I felt really good, this week not so good, I feel hot and cold all the time, and the sweat runs off me, anybody else have these sweats, doctor says its my age. I reminded him I had a full hysterectomy 18 years ago.

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I sweat terribly and get very hot but only in the morning for some drives me hands and soles of my feet get very very clammy and i get really lasts about 2 hours then goes..weird huh lol xx


I too suffer from the sweats, my rhumy asked me if I suffered form this at my first appointment last June, he said it was all part of the Lupus, I also said it was my age and he laughed, and I too had a hysterectomy 14 years ago, but with one overy left, I take 2000mg of evening primrose oil every day and although the sweats haven't stopped they are alot better than they were. I checked with the pharmacist before taking them, just one of the long list of things accociated with Lupus


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