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My marbles have officially rolled away these last few days! I've been forgetting what I'm doing mid task, forgetting what I'm saying mid sentence. Thismorning my husband was in a hurry and asked me could i please iron a shirt that he wanted to wear. I ironed the shirt but he had to diplomatically tell me that I'd only ironed half of it!!!! I'd ironed the sleeves then taken it upstairs without doing any of the body!!! Luckily I can still laugh at myself at the minute, but I hope I don't get any worse!!!

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  • I do similar things. Yesterday I went to put a mug of milk in the microwave to make a coffee to find myself putting it in the fridge! I wonder why we do these things?

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    I know it can be frusrating losing your marbles but it can be very funny with the things we do. My husband looks at me after I have done something mad, and I can see he is thinking when shall I call the white coat people in, but we do laught :)

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    Something that I did a few years ago which won't make you laugh but just shows how oddly the brain works was when I had conjuctivitis. I went into the kitchen to get the ointment from the fridge which is on the left, but for some reason I turned right towards a drawer and got out a tube of superglue!!! I then walked to the mirror near the front door and then..... yes, I put superglue in my eye!!!!!

    Really frightening experience and had to have the glue on my lids carefully cut to open them. Luckily after 3 weeks my sight was back to normal. Needlessto say, I rarely use superglue now!!!

  • OMG

  • O'H how i know that feeling<Just keep laughing

  • "Mum, please can you iron BOTH sleeves this time? I have to take my blazer off for food tech & PE" - oops! how sweet, hes not said anything all week so far & none off the shirts were fully ironed, 1 pair of trousers he declared the creases "will drop out with my body heat"!

    "Theres a logical reason why the milks in the cerial cupboard, righ?!"

  • Hooray!!! You're all as loopy as me, it's good to know!!! Janekins that is WAY too scary!! As I'm writing this, my husband (who was just setting off to work) has stopped the car and gone into the garden to get the wheelie bins to put out. I opened the window and said, "Aww thanks for doing that for me!" to which he replied, "Well I knew that dizzy Lizzy wouldn't remember to do it!" what more can I say?!!!

  • We're all loopy lupies!!!

  • i also get words muddled up too change the first letter,or half a words :-Kecermoth and cosic which should be Keswick and Cockermouth where i live ,in the Lake District Britain. its a good job my family understand me but it sounds right to me but what a laugh we have when they tell me what it should have been ha ha xx

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