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Hi everyone, help with finding a support group.


Hello I was diagnosed with Lupus and Fibro 4 years ago, I have been trying to find a support group near me to attend but have not found one any ideas, I live in Darlington, Co/Durham.. thank you xx

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Hi angela28,

There aren't currently any meetings around that area as far as I am aware. I will send you a private message with contact details for the chair of the North East Lupus group though, so that you can get in touch.

Hi, there is Teesside lupus support group which started in may. We are going to have a meeting end of this month, if you are interested let me know. Inbox me and I will keep you posted. Take care Prisca xxxx

angela28 in reply to Pipido36

Hi Prisca, that would be great thank you, I would love to meet other sufferer's. Take care Angela xx

I don't know that area. I am trying to find one near me lol. I live in hounslow. Due to learning disabilities I find it hard to get to places. So if they had one in hounslow it will be walking distance. I also have lupus, Thyroid cancer and epilepsy. Never mind we can chat here. It would be nice to keep in touch. xxx

Hi Puneet123

Keep looking there will be someone close, I haven't found a group within walking distance but I have only just started looking. Take care xx


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