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The Chimp Paradox

Morning fellow Lupies....

Seriously have been over doing it for a few days especially in the heat we have been having and now i am paying the price... The pain in my joints is sometimes crippling and the mouth ulcers are so uncomfortable. Having Lupus really depresses me at times and wonder why bloody me?? I get so angry and hate the world... Then i am this angry, bitter upset person storming about all the time. I am currently under a pysch doctor who recommended a book i should read... I am only half way through it but it has changed how i think. Its mind management called ''the chimp paradox'' Would recommend it to all people who are struggling with being angry with no where for it to go x

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Could you give an idea as to what it is saying? Thanks x x



I find it encouraging that I am not the only one being referred to a "psycht" I have been referred through work to a psychologist who just seems to deal with long silences. My GP has referred me to a psychiatrist, the difference apparently is that psychiatrists are medically qualified and investigate medical causes.

Please let me know how you get on. I will look for the book. Hope things get better for you. xx


What i am trying to say is that Lupus can cause a multitude of mental health related illness' that people seem to forget which can be really destructive and unhelpful.

I'm glad that was a comfort to you Jaxqueline :-) Sometimes its very hard mentally coping with Lupus and having been a single mum with cancer too the psych Dr has helped me so much. She deals with my medication and only briefly touches on the emotional side of things... My CPN dealt with my emotions but i decided it was not really helping me so i did not go back. However the medical psychiatrist is an angel and we laugh and i feel ''normal'' for half hour (( strange that i feel normal sitting in my psychiatrists room )) Please do look for the book. I brought it off amazon for about £ 7.00 Its very good :-) I'm back seeing my psych Dr on the 10th and no longer dread it :-) Let me know how you get on too xxxx much love xxxx


Hi Rebecca,

I am P.A. to Dr Steve Peters and I found this blog on the net. I would just like to say that Steve is really happy that you have gained benefit from the book, and that the Chimp Model as made a difference. Wishing you the best.




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