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Help with TIA and new medicine

Ok have been to the doctors this morning about reacurant UTI, I am short of breath and very feel extremely tired. The last two seem to be common with me when I am brewing for something. On sat I had what I thought was another TIA ( my third) my doctor sent me to the hospital and have been check it was inconclusive but I do have some slight left sided week ness. He removed me from my aspirin and gave me clopidogrel. Does anyone else have TIA and take this medicine. I ave SLE,FIBROMYALGIA AND S/S. thanks for any info. Feeling pretty low.

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good evening

A lot of what you put in your blog I can relate to..... I have had a few TIA's myself which in itself was scary. I am on clopidogrel, but was also out on anti depressants...citaloprasm, and they have helped me no end, it was not my choice and i really did fight the drs as I never wanted to go back on them but i gave in and now am very glad that i was out on them.

One thing in the 8 years since I was first diagnosed, I have learnt in that time is that in order to keep fighting this friend of ours, Lupus, we HAVE to be in a reasonably positive frame of mind, so maybe.

Neither of these meds have had any side effects good or bad so I say go with it xxx


Thanks for the answer, good to hear you have been on these drugs. Just want to have more chance of not having a full on stroke. Hope you are ok at present. Night night


night night, sweet dreams xxx


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