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Incapacity benefit

Feeling a little down at the moment after 30yrs of problems with SLE, Fibromyalgia and S/S . Two Tia and everything else that pops up with having these horrible illness I have just been refused my incapacity benefit after having it for some years. I have been told I have been put on the back to work programme. I am 55 If i had been working I would have been off for the last month just with a UTI that just is not going away. I feel so unwell I always seem to get shortness of breath and chest pain for some reason when unwell. How could I go back to work, who is looking at the claims? I have not had many months in the last two years when I have not had an infection. I will object to their decision. Not sure what the outcome will be. So many time wasters pretending to be ill make it difficult for the rest of us. I find it hard to understand why anyone would want to be ill. I should be ecstatic at the moment I have just got a new granddaughter but feel frightened most of the time I will not be around to see her grow up. If only people could understand what it is like. I feel most of us try very hard to be normal and carry on even though you know at home you just collapse. Sorry have gone on but needed to get it out so fed up with going on at the family. It's hard being strong all the time. I will pick myself up and carry on regardless. Thanks for listening. X I have a rubbish Gp.

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Hi Gillyg

I can empathise with how you are feeling at the moment, however don't give up, on my dark pain filled days I tell my husband that if I was a dog the vet would put me down, I realise now that this is my life and only I can change it. I have adapted my lifestyle to suit and make sure that family, friends and colleagues know about my condition and how it affects me on different days, My grandchildren are aware that nanny is poorly even at 2 years of age, and do things with me that mostly involve sitting down i.e painting, baking etc. this has helped both them and me, I also attend a Tai Chi class with the chronic pain clinc which helps keep me active.

I am still awaiting a decision about my claim for DLA, which would help with the extras that I have to pay out including getting someeone in to help with some household tasks that I cannot manage, however if the decision is no, I know that I will find annother way around the problem.

Like you I have a rubbish GP who jjust wants to give me pills and more pills, but I do have a good employer, who has set me up to work from home on my bad days and has adapted my work environment to allow me to rest during the day and in the equipment thay have fitted in my office. This was achieved with the help of Access to Work who looked at my needs and really listened to what I had to say about my condition. Good luck with your claim and please dont let it get you down


Thank you so much for your kind comments. I am usually very good at being positive and have a very supportive family but sometimes you just don't want to keep putting the pain on to them. They wouldn't agree. I give up a lot of other things to have my health, it is the unpredictability of it isn't it that often gets to you. One minute you think wow I have gone a while being able to do things (simple things not running the marathon) then bam you go down with out warning. You keep well and hope your claim passed. X


Have you thought about appeal of the latest decision. I think often people are refused on first application in attempt to "weed out" people who can not be bothered to appeal. CAB should be able to offer advise.

You probably need to accept wether you really are capable of going back to work or not, and will probably need good "medical evidence" to support an appeal if you go down that route. Even with a rubbish GP be sure to get it on medical record how ill you are/ when you are unable to work/ all your health problems etc


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