March's Blog Topic

March's Blog Topic

March is here, so let's begin the discussion on our next 'Topic of the Month'.

Our topic for March is 'Itchy Rashes'

Do you have any tips on how to soothe rashes? Perhaps you use a product that you can recommend? Maybe you have a great way to distract yourself from scratching? We’d love to hear all of your tips to create another fantastic guide.

Please leave any tips in the comments section below, write on our Facebook wall, send us a tweet or email me at

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  • anything i can put on night itching. i have no rash, but it sure is itchy...

  • I have no tips for itching, but I would love to hear some.

  • Im now on my 4th dermotologist, so if someone has any answers out there for something that stops itching and the rashes, i'd LOVE to know. My life is a misery because of my angry skin which i gouge all night at even in my sleep!

  • Aloe vera cream or lotion is quite soothing....

  • Thank you for the tip chrisj

  • Hi all,,hey what a great topic,,Well having DLE brings me itching too.Not constantly seem to have phases were i itch more than others.I do have Dermavate Ointment from the doctors now,,but i also find Aloe Vera (pure Aloe vera)snap a leaf from the plant maybe half way up the leaf they are mostly all fat and plump leaves,,tear it open and all the cool,slimey(sounds yuk) but it soon drys when applied to the skin,,really does help me.I came over this by accident when my mum kept the plants for a dog that always had itchy sore tummy from the new spring grass,,she used to apply this to the dogs tum and as well as settle the flared skin the dog also stopped itching so much.The plants are not really attractive and they grow really quickly and when the leave is snapped it repairs it self very quickly.But hey i think all who suffer itching should have their very own Aloe Vera plants.

  • Hi Dawn, thank you for that detailed tip. Where did you get your Aloe Vera plant from? What conditions are best for it?

  • Paul,,,My mum had a massive plant and she split it and potted me the other half,,she uses the sap on her dogs tummys in the spring,,they suffer with the new spring grass,,hey the plants are real ugly,,,i think she got it from the usual garden centre,,she is at crufts today,,i will ask her and get back to you very soon.Sorry for late reply.x

  • That's great. Thanks Dawn. I'll look forward to hearing from you again.

  • Hi Paul,,Hey the plants can be purchased from most good Garden Centres,,they are very easy to look after and very hard to kill!!I am no green fingered person and mine has lasted two years!!You just snap a juicy leave,,extract the sap and use the sap raw on to skin,so very soothing and reduces inflamation brilliantly!!It grows ok,,as is hardy but don't let it dry out to much.

  • Smashing. Thanks for that Dawn.

  • I 2nd Dawn1964, Aloe Vera, best straight from the plant itself, or if not, then you can but a 100% Organic Aloe Vera gel, which I keep in the fridge ;0).

    Good luck all you fellow rash itchers!

  • Thank you for the tip Smiler1.

  • Smiler,i agree,,it is so soothing and cool.

  • all welcome :0), hope it helps! :0)

  • I've had itchy legs for years and I too agree with the aloe Vera. I've recently had a butterfly rash on my face and I've been putting sudocrem on it. I thought it works for my baby's bum so why not give it try. I've had it since the beginning of January and maybe it's just run its course but it seems to of eased off massively the past couple of weeks since using the sudocrem. Just keeping that part of my face very moisturised seems to give me much relief from the itching/burning. I'm very new to all this so I could be wrong.

  • That's a great tip. Thank you for sharing.

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