February's Blog Topic

February's Blog Topic

February is here, so today we'll start the discussion on our next 'Topic of the Month'.

Our topic for February is ‘Mouth Ulcers & Sores’.

Have you found a great way to prevent mouth sores? Perhaps a supplement in your diet or a product available from a pharmacist? Are there certain things that you avoid in order to prevent mouth sores? We’d love to hear all of your tips so that they can help other people manage better.

Please leave any tips in the comments section below, write on our Facebook wall, send us a tweet or email me at paul@lupusuk.org.uk

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  • I keep my lips moist with lip balm.and clean my tongue I know it sounds balmy

    But with the Meds we take my tongue furs up,and if not careful Ulcers appear.So I was told to do this by my pharmacist and it works.you can get tooth brushes that have dual heads just for this reason.

  • Thank you for that tip. That's great advice. Thank you for sharing.

  • Hi,

    I wrote a post here before about mouth ulcers. It can be read by clicking this link lupusuk.healthunlocked.com/...


    Kindest regards

    Ani x

  • Both are fantastic articles that I'm sure many will find helpful. I'll certainly include the links within the blog. Thank you.

  • I found certain foods give me ulcers ie. tomatoes but some times its worth it.

    I bought a mouth spray and touthpaste which moistens the mouth, i use the spray at night because i often wake up with my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth and no matter how much i sip water it dosnt work but the spray it helps.

  • Thanks for sharing that. Are there any other foods that give you ulcers?

  • When I have ulcers I use a medicated mouthwash called Difflam Oral Rinse. It tends to numb the whole mouth which gives me a little relief from the pain. I find if I eat any sweets I get ulcers straight away, and also if I have anything strongly flavoured or spicy.

  • Thank you Karen34, that's some really useful feedback.

  • Liquorice helps with the pain also the ulcers seem to go quicker. Another thing that helps is sensodyne toothpaste, I've tried other toothpaste's for sensitive teeth but i always go back to sensodyne because of my ulcers.

    Going back to the liquorice, if you google liquorice it has lots of other uses :)

  • Those are great tips. Thank you very much.

  • tomatoes, chilies,oranges anything citrus, boiled sweets gives me cuts in my tongue and roof of my mouth, pizza imflammes the roof of my mouth,bread if its rough cuts my mouth. I have to wash vegatables and meats before cooking because i think the presevetives can cause mouth problems but no proof.

    Heavens thats the ones i can think of now.

    When i was a kid i used to have braces and the only thing i could eat was mashmellows and i thought how cool it would be to bite into an apple instead of cutting into small pieces.

    I often use a mouth numbing spray at night and for the day sipping iced drinks or spoon of crushed ice.

  • That's a very detailed list. Thank you very much.

  • Mouth Ulcers Yuk and ouch!!!I don't suffer too much with this but when i do i swear by using good old fashioned "TCP",,,,yuk,yuk,yuk alot of people say!!But i find if used properly diluted and swilled in the mouth 3times a day really does ease the discomfort of the ulcers!I know it smell really horrid(although i don't really mind the smell)alot of people think it stinky..i think alot of good old fashioned remedies still work just as good as more modern costly stuff.Hope this may help some of you ! :)

  • Thank for this tip Dawn.

  • With Lupus there might be less saliva produced, so less protection from micro organisms that might cause mouth infections.

    1. Reduce use of mouth washes, as these are drying. Reduce teas coffees, alcohol, try herbal caffeine free teas.

    2. Keep an eye on Vitamin C levels. Dissolve some powder 100mg in a glass with a drop of honey. Drink with water at meals.

    3. Biotene, toothpaste, gel and spray are very good and help the saliva problem. There are also product to keep gums healthy.

    Keep mouth free of debris by flushing vigorously with water after eating.

    Avoid dehydration where's the heating on. Avoid toast, its drying and hot spicy foods.

  • Some really simple and hopefully effective tips there. Thank you.

  • Yes - Biotene mouth products i use. However, my latest flare concluded that i had 14 mouth ulcers and blisters on my tongue, inside of the cheeks and gums - nothing would work - hence the steroids. Took the sting out of the ulcers within 2 days and inflammation and ulcers cleared up within 5 days!

  • Do you find Biotene helps when you are not having a bad flare?

  • I use Difflam as well, I get it on script from the dental hospital and I'd recommend it. It helps get rid of ulcers quite quickly and you can use it frequently throughout the day. Curries and chillis are a no-no for me, cant eat them, they burn my mouth so much.

    I use BioXtra toothpaste and mouthwash, both on prescription and my mouth has felt a lot cleaner since. The mouthwash is a moisturiser. Cant use any mouthwashes with alcohol, they also burnt my mouth, even the low alcohols dont suit. I've been glad of the BioX one : )

    I find bread difficult to eat as I've no saliva, it dries my mouth completely, so I always have a drink to sip with anything bread related, Cucumber is very refreshing and leaves no burn, also some fruits, tinned oranges are good. Dry mouth is worst at night and first thing, it feels like I've slept in the Sahara desert for months without water when I wake up. I suck sugar free mints quite a lot, again refreshing.

    I've lost 2 teeth and have another waiting to come out thanks to SLE and dry mouth : ((

  • Thank you for your tips there. We're getting a lot of great advice. Hopefully it will be a useful blog.

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