December's Blog Topic - Fatigue

December's Blog Topic - Fatigue

The Topic of the Month for December is Fatigue. Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms experienced by lupus patients and it is also often described as one of the most debilitating.

We’d really love to hear if you have any tips for managing your fatigue. We’ll compile all the best tips at the end of the month for the article. Please leave your tips and experiences in the comments section below, or email

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  • Personally, i think the day should begin at around 11am, hopefully by then we would feel human enough to deal with rest of the day!

    My main bit of advice is to PACE YOURSELF. Don't do everything in one go. Do a job, sit down for a bit. Do another job, have a rest. If you are planning on going out, have a few hours rest before and after.

    Get plenty of sleep - easier said than done for most of us !!

    I am also going to try a wheat and gluten free diet - I have discussed this with my doctor and he agreed it was a good idea - and will let you know if this makes any difference to my fatigue.


  • Combatting fatigue? When i get around to housework i do this first thing in the morning complete blast until I'm tired. After that short blasts when adverts are on my fav tv programmes it's amazing how much you can do in five minutes then you have a 15/20 min rest then another five minute blast it works!!

  • Hi,regards fatigue management.......i find avoidance of all stimulants a must ,even when your body is crying for them ,dont give in to the energy zappers ,also that includes emotional stimulants,over exertion etc.A good vitamin B Complex supplement will assit the body in energy production,and above all ....listen to your body and rest when you can, hope this info helps? brave;)

  • Fatigue management seems to be impossible! I always think it is more exhausting to explain to someone else what to do than it is to just get on with it myself. What I need is someone who is on my wavelength and can see what needs to be done. It seems sometimes that people are totally unwilling to help and prefer to get annoyed by the inability to get my words out. I would love some tips on effective communication techniques. Asking for help without looking useless or pathetic! LOL.


  • I try to pace myself when having a flare up and feel fatigue get up slowly in the morning and work up to tasks resting in between not easy I know but its the way I cope. I do push myself sometimes like on Christmas Day and Boxing Day even with the help although I agree communicating to get the help is frustrating then its a day in bed resting !! Its the pig of lupus i'm afraid suffered with it since 2010. Had a lousy 12 months doc put me on Doxcycycline anti biotics twice this year for infections the lesions have been horrendous just found out that this is not advisable to prescribe for lupus sufferers so beware you lot out there Also found the steroid cream given to aggravate the lesions I have SCLE and found Double Base Gel Cream which is brilliant used twice a day for past three weeks and found an improvement Hooray lol anyway good luck with the fatigue :)


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