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Statins and SLE - which statins are safe to use with SLE?

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Having High Cholesterol of 8.2 and a host of AI conditions I was prescribed Simvastatin. After 6 weeks of muscle pain, fatigue and finally shingles (which has subsequently lasted 4 mths) I stopped taking Simvastatin. My GP just said "stop taking it then" and hasn't suggested an alternative..... Is there a "safer" statin to take with SLE?

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I had a problem with Statins and was not offered a alternative.there are others out there for the Doc to Prescribe but are expensive so this could be the reason why .

I have started to reduce my fats & Salts and will have another fasting test done in 3 mths mine is not as high as yours.try the natural way to reduce there is plenty of infor on the Net but only use U/k sites

All the best


my rheumatologist only uses atorvostatin in his SLE patients it has a better side affect profile but is more pricey

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I also have mega cholesterol and was put on Simvastatin. My CPK went through the roof, -its high anyway, when the consultant at Guys saw the levels he took me off.

He now ( today in fact) wants me to go on Paravastatin which he describes as 'Cleaner' A lot of neuro surgeons prescribe it.

You may find that taking Co-enzyme Q10 will help reduce the cramps and soreness.

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KatieA in reply to Thaddeus

Thanks to all that replied. I am seeing my Lupus consultant later this month and will discuss the two options mentioned.Rgds,K.

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Was totally unaware that there is problems with statins and SLE. I have been on Pravastatin sodium for 6 years. What's the problem with taking statins please?

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Ive only just been diagnosed with SLE my Cholesterol level 7.2. I have been on 3 different statins Simvastatin, Atorvastatin and Pravastatin and all 3 have made me sick.. I am current on friday going to have a pancreatitis CT scan as statins can cause this also, so my gastric consultant has said. I was wondering as my Cholesterol isnt related to food what can i take, does anyone know ?

I had my heart stented Last February and need statins or cholesterol drugs for this, can anyone help ? Lou

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I was on atorvastatin but then my doctor changed me to simvastatin. I am on 80mg a day after my 2nd TIA my cholesterol isn't as low as they would like still 6.4 which they regard as high if you are predisposed to heart problems. I eat a very healthy diet so could do no more with food. I received a phone call today from my doctor to make an appointment to see her because of the amount of simvastatin I take. I am worried she is going to take it off me and then I will have to live with the consequence. I have since had a 3rd TIA. Can I refuse to be lowered. Would love someone else view. Would like to go back on to Atorvastatin it is more expensive but you can't put a price on your life.

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