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Helpful ways to relieve stress!

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Good morning, so I’ve read a lot on here last night. It’s such an informative and supported group.

I can’t thank you all enough for helping answer my questions

As I understand the 2 things that makes skin Lupus worse are the sun and stress

Can I ask you, before I’d even heard of Lupus I must of been the worst over thinker, worrier and stressed about everything.

This has obviously added to it

What ways do you find helpful to let stress out ?

Thank you xx

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Hi Sarah.for me I've learnt not to dwell, not to over think things and to go with the flow.i realised there is no point stressing over things i can't having my 3rd pleurisy flare in 6 months 2nd in 5 weeks but it is what it is .I have dogs so I walk (covered up from head to toe all year) and I knit and crochet so I make sure I take time out for myself to do the things I can still do and enjoy . You will find your coping strategies as you go along .Kind regards SML xxx

Thank you, your words there is no point stressing over things i can't change.

That’s him home and your absolutely right

I live 5 minutes from the beach and lots of beautiful parks so will start making time for long walks whilst listening to my favourite music

Thank you xx

I live near the beach too and we are there most days in all weathers .I find it a good place to empty my mind . Enjoy your walks xx

So sorry SML to hear your having another pleurisy flare , sending much love 💕

Thanks SV. Got appointment with consultant on Tues. How are you ? Are you ready fir your big day ? Xx

I’m having a nightmare at the moment - I’m in a flaire up and my whole body is swelled up, wedding dress dosnt fit because of this so I’ve had to get it altered- I’ve got a flare phonecall today from consultant with a view to me going in today or tomorrow for a steriod injection. Xx

Oh I'm sorry SV ....I hope your consultant can help so you can enjoy your day. Try not to stress your day will be perfect and you will look beautiful xxx😚 xxx

Thanks SML - I had the steroid injection this afternoon so hopefully things will calm down now cx


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Krazykat26 in reply to svfarmer

Hope you feel better real soon SV 🤗I've got my hat for your big day!! 👒😉💜🌈😽😽Xx

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svfarmer in reply to Krazykat26

Thanks Kat - 🥰

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Pumpkin2009 in reply to svfarmer

I hope your injection helps calm everything down. You have been waiting and looking forward to your big day and you deserve the very best. Wishing you a beautiful day filled with joy and loving memories. I will keep you in my thoughts.

Lots and lots of healing hugs coming your way.

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svfarmer in reply to Pumpkin2009

Ahh thanks Pumpkin that’s very kind of you xx

I’m sure you’ll be beautiful on the big day, love and beauty shine from within.

Thanks Stills xx

Feeling anxious is a natural reaction to any uncomfortable, difficult, confusing situation. Trying to convince yourself not to stress I’d like trying to make yourself a tiger, not a human being. The more you see it as a perfectly natural and safe reaction, the less discomfort you will feel.

You say you feel better being supported here. I imagine you feel better being safe to express your feelings too.

Your feelings are your power.

Hi Sarah, strangely before I became sick I thrived on stress, my job was long hours and full of pressure but now it makes me flare. It is hard not to succumb to stress, I certainly haven’t managed it but some things do ease it. Before I tore my hamstring, getting on the treadmill with my music blaring helped. Cwtching with my hubby, a friend or my fur boy Dylan definitely helps, venting helps and this is a wonderful safe space to do this. I hope you find something that works for you xxx

You're right Sarah stress does drive lupus! I have a few strategies n your profile pic is one of them...writing it down really helps me to get it off my chest!! I put it in my multifunctional diary or I write a letter if it's someone who's causing the stress..I write a letter to them n then I burn it. I vent on here when I need too..reach out to Lupie mates.

I have affirmations that I use in stressful fav is All is well in my world. I say it often even when I'm sobbing and in pain..I say it over n over n it helps to calm me down.

If I'm angry I find a quiet place n I start to stomp..slowly at first n then I start to speed up as I'm thinking about what's causing my rage..then while I'm stamping I start to loosen my shoulders n my arms n kinda shake/shiver building up the energy. Then when I'm ready I let out a roar (or two)!! 🦁🦁

I have put my stress into a stone too..u know like worry dolls? I pick a stone n hold it in my hand whilst thinking about the stress/worry..I then put it in a little time I go out I stop by the river near us n take the stone n thinking about the stress..I throw the stone in the water. Water is healing..rivers..lakes...ocean..all of these places are soothing to the soul!!

I don't listen to the news or watch mainstream television..I listen to music. I recently got an echo dot so I can ask Alexa to play the music I want to hear at any particular time n create my I might dance or I might sing at the top of my voice or I might be listening to Native American flute music to sit breath n relax.

I could go on but I'm feeling bit pants today. Hope something there gives u some ideas 💜🌈😽😽xx

Love this post! I too write my stresses away.I often sit and work out what’s the worst thing that could happen with that particular stress or worry and once I know that and know how to face it the stress does ease.

I have this vision of you stomping and singing.... or was that just Glastonbury on TV 😂😂

Glastonbury every day in this house!! 😹💜🌈😽😽Xx

Peace man ✌️

Hi Sarah, yes, stress can absolutely contribute to illness—but it’s so hard to control, isn’t it? Especially with the unpredictable nature of our illness, not to mention multitudinous medical appts!

I find distraction and escapism really helpful. Sometimes we just need a break from dwelling on this stuff. I play music, cuddle my furbaby, eat chocolate, watch movies and TV shows that make me laugh, do diamond art and read a lot of fiction. Plus, I love being in nature. I can’t walk far atm but I can drive to my local botannical gardens and look at the flowers and listen to the birds. This gives me mental time-out and can take my mind off any pain I’m experiencing, albeit briefly.

There are other times when I face the stress head-on. I talk to people about it and I write about it (I’m a blogger and author). Writing helps me articulate what I’m experiencing, and I find it helpful to nail down my lived experience with language that fits. Also, I pray about it a lot, and I spend time meditating on God (sometimes words are too difficult).

It’s raining atm in Australia, where I live, and I find the sound of rain to be especially soothing and grounding for me. Hope this helps!

Relaxing the body is the most effective way to relieve stress. There are several ways to do this. You can also reduce your stress by not taking things too seriously. Try not to take anything so personally. Maintain a sense of humour in all situations. Laugh at yourself and your situation; if you can laugh at yourself, it will be easier to let things go. However, stress and anxiety can worsen lupus. Stress may have significant effects on your health. It can cause pain and inflammation, promote steady weight gain (which is bad for your skin and health ), and disturb your skin's natural balance. The best thing to do is to avoid anything that generates stress, for example, people and stressful situations. It is not easy, but it is not impossible. And then, take regular breaks by going on a hike, walking, swimming, participating in yoga retreat programs( ), or any other activity that helps your mind to eliminate stress and anxiety.

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