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Sad Times 😞

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We lost our beautiful Brodie Bear two weeks ago. I haven’t posted about it because we have been trying to keep busy but we are truly heartbroken. He was only off his food for a few days then violently sick over the Easter weekend and we took him to the emergency vets. To our horror he was in kidney failure. We tried fluid therapy for two days and the vet referred him to a veterinary nephrologist but when we arrived to take him there he did not even know us so there was no choice. We now have him back home where he belongs. Such a sociable loving boy, we will miss him forever.

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Oh CP I have no words other than I am so sorry and I know your hearts must be πŸ’”. Sending you healing love and hugs xxx

Thank you so much xxx

So very sorry, Cecily. I just got a puppy recently and know the attachment and love you have had for Brodie Bear.

I know you provided him with the best life ever. He probably got treats of your spectacular baking.

Thinking of you.


Thank you Kay. He loved my chicken dog biscuits bless him xxx

Pleased you have him back home CP. The heart is such a lovely gesture xxx

I saw it and thought when my bare root magnolia arrives we with put the heart on its branches. Brodie loved to wee on the large ceramic pot and Dylan will continue to cock his leg there. I haven’t the heart to put any of his things away yet. They comfort me really. Xxx

so sorry for your loss. He will live in your hearts forever.

Yes he will Suzannah thank you so much xxx

To have dear Brodie home must be of some comfort to you - sending lots of love ❀️

Yes it does. I so wanted to hold him when he passed but I could not get down on the floor so now at least I can hold him xxx



My sincerest sympathies dearest CP & family. I fully understand the depths of your heartache for I’ve been there myself.


Brodie Bear says thank you mom and dad for all the TLC the special moments spent together the treats the cuddles the tummy rubs the special bond we had and the valiant attempt to save my life. Don’t feel guilty about not being able to do so. It was part of my DNA not to show how sick I was to protect me from predators.

Please know that of all the moms & dads on Earth you are the best and I’m so blessed you are mine.

Although I’m no longer in your presence I’m still with you in spirit; our love goes on.

When your time comes to leave know that I’ll be waiting patiently at Heaven’s Pearly Gate to greet you.

I love with all my β™₯️



I just said a special prayer for you. My most loving hugs kisses and comforting prayers sent to you.

EJ πŸ€β€οΈβ€πŸ©ΉπŸ€—β™₯️πŸ₯°πŸ™πŸ•ŠπŸŒΏπŸŒΈπŸ¦‹

Oh EJ that is so beautiful. You have me crying again. He knew he was loved and he gave us so much joy. Having no children he was our baby and we would have done anything to save him. Thank you so much for your understanding and your kindness. It means so much xxx

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svfarmer in reply to honeybug

Honeybug just so beautiful ❀️

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honeybug in reply to svfarmer

Thank you sv πŸ₯°

I'm so sorry to hear about your sad loss. My thoughts are with you. Xx

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CecilyParsley in reply to JCZW

Thank you so much xxx

Oh, CP I'm so very sorry to hear this. I can only imagine how you must feel. Sending my biggest hugs hoping they may help


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CecilyParsley in reply to MEGS53

Thank you so much Meg. Such an awful year so far. First the leak, then Neil’s heart attack, then we lost Brodie. Hugs always help xxx

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MEGS53 in reply to CecilyParsley

Sending the biggest ever hugs your way


I'm so sorry, you must be very sadπŸ˜ͺ. My Nala is going to be 14 and at the moment she is full of energy, but I dread the day it will come for us. Lots of strength and encouragement. His soul will be always with you. XxxπŸΆπŸ’œ

Yes he will live on in my memories and my heart always. It was just so quick the shock was awful. I hope Nala continues in good health . Thank you so much xxx

Oh Cecily, I am so sorry. Life is sad indeed. How are you all now? xx thinking of you xx

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CecilyParsley in reply to LalSD

Thank you so much. We are sad and we miss him so much. Poor Dylan is very subdued and being blind keeps trying to sniff out Brodie bless him. Xx

So sorry 😞 my sister lost her staff, Mollie on Friday to cancer and she's totally heartbroken. At least they are pain free ❀

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CecilyParsley in reply to Royf

Thank you so much. I am so sorry for your sister’s loss xx

Morning CP. So sorry for your families loss. I don't know if you have read the poem 'Rainbow Bridge'. The original one is by author unknown. (there are a lot of newer ones but the original is the one to read). It's always been a comfort to me when we lost our last three labradors. Take care and cry when you need to cry. Xx

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Barbara17 in reply to littleeed

This poem has me in floods just thinking about it!

Yes I know the poem and I hope with all my heart Brodie and my other beautiful dogs will be waiting for me. Thank you for your kindness xx

I’m so sorry to hear about Brodie. These fur babies give us such unconditional love, joy , fun and purpose but the pain of them passing feels unbearable and it’s very early days lovely CP. I said goodbye to my beautiful boy Travis over 10 years ago and I think about him EVERY day but now it’s with a smile thinking of the love & joy he gave me. Sending big hugs to you all xxx

Yes you are so right the sheer joy, laughter and love Brodie gave us was immeasurable. I still think of my beautiful Crockett who I lost in 1999, my Meg who I lost in 2012 and our little rescue rabbit Buns aka Cecily Parsley who we lost three years ago. We have photos of them on every wall which is a comfort and a joy. Thank you for your hugs, much appreciated xxx

So sad. Lost one of our dogs to cancer last year. Hits you like a brick. Took us weeks to feel better. They are such company abd get us out walking whether we want to or not. They are our friends and we miss them so much.

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CecilyParsley in reply to dg70

I am so very sorry for your loss. The grief is awful xx

Sad to hear your loss, hope you get some comfort having him back in the home. ❀️X

Yes there is a real comfort in having him home thank you Chris xx

So sorry for the loss of your baby boy ❀❀ xx

Thank you rosebud xxx

Really sorry to hear that. Sending hugs and thinking of you all x

Thank you bookish xxx

Very sorry to hear this Cecily. I’ve experienced the same pain and loss. Our dogs teach us how to love don’t they? And give back to us such a happy love. Glad you have him close to you. Best, Titters

Thank you so much xxx

Oh, CP, I am so sorry to hear your news. It’s just awful when they go. We lost our 14 yr old cat about the same time and I still β€˜see’ her out of the corner of my eye. Your wee memorial to Brodie is just lovely and will comfort you in time. Sending ❀️ love.

Thank you Barbara. I am so very sorry for your loss. I understand the loss and heartache bless you xxx

Morning. I am so sorry for your profound loss. I do know exactly how you feel, having been in your position twice in the last 3 years; losing our beloved Silly Milly last July. My heart literally aches for for you. I know how much the missing is. Let no-one tell you "it" (?) was just an animal - we are animals too; I have never known such unquestionable love, loyalty and friendship like it. People are very quick to tell you to move on. It's impossible, you can move forward, you have no option. The only way I've found to deal with the broken heart is to make a page on Pinterest and spend some time each day looking for sayings, pictures, memories that I can include on my page. You can make it private, but I haven't and I've found that I've met many kindred spirits along the way. I especially really find comfort in the Rainbow Bridge. There's a wonderful artist on Etsy called Watercolour Queen and although her prints come from the US, I'm in the UK, I think they are definitely worth it. They completely sum up how I like to believe my beloved companions are being cared for. My pages on Pinterest are Maxy Bon Bon and Silly Milly (am I allowed to detail this?). Finally, yet most importantly, I am so sorry for your loss of the most Beautiful Brodie Bear. Forever in your hearts. Namaste πŸ™ ❀ xx

Thank you so much. It is such a raw feeling isn’t it? With humans who pass you get a funeral and a chance to say goodbye. Leaving my boy at the vets broke my heart. I love my Dylan dearly but he is my hubby’s boy, his shadow. Brodie used to sit on my feet every night when I couldn’t sleep. He made me laugh when I thought I could never feel joy again. It sounds melodramatic to those who do not care for and love an animal as I do but I don’t care. I have wonderful memories that will sustain me. I will have a look on Esty thank you. I am so very sorry for your losses, but it is wonderful that you have found comfort in your Pinterest pages as a tribute to Maxy Bon Bon and Silly Milly. I would love to see photos of them. Always in our hearts until we meet again ❀️🌈 xxx

So sorry, prints, not photos. I also love magnolias. Can't seem to grow the blooming (in my case, not blooming) things though!

My Dad used to say he'd rather choose the dogs than some of his family...the older I get, the more I understand where he's coming from, unfortunately πŸ˜”. Here's "my" boy - Maxy Bon Bon (Max for short). I still sing the same songs to him I used to when he was here with me. He had a pom pom tail, that he used to wave when I sang "M-A-X-Y, I ain't got no alibi. I'm Maxy!" 🎢🎡🎡. We used to call him the teddy bear dog.

Home made photo frame of Max the grey Lasa Aphso.

And now....Silly Milly....

Springer Spaniel with Scrabble tiles on her head spelling Dawg.

Oh that is so cute. Silly Milly is just beautiful 😍

What a beautiful face. Maxi Bon Bon looks such a gorgeous boy 😍

Thank you for the comments and I agree with Spotty-ewe totally. Milly was very sweet. I can still remember the day when I took that photo. I did it for a bit of a giggle because she was sitting on the sofa with my son, whom she utterly adored (he chose her) and we were playing Scrabble. It was her turn. She was so patient; she actually waited for me to take it off her head. Enjoy your memories, they will be of some comfort to you. Is it too soon for one of Beautiful Brodie Bear? Totally understand as I feel like I know him anyway from the love coming from you. β€πŸ™β€

I cannot seem to get his photo to upload. I will try later xxx

Here he is 😍

Brodie Bear ❀️

OMG. He's just gorgeous. No wonder your heart is πŸ’” Thank you for sharing, I really appreciate it. Xx

He was so utterly gorgeous and he loved people. When out walking if he saw people in the distance he would sit and you just could not get him to move until they had come up and made a fuss of him. It was so funny because if they didn’t he would run up to them wagging his tail and barking as if to say what is wrong with you I am here. Xxx

I can certainly believe that, but with a face like that why wouldn't you stop and make a fuss. It would be just rude!

He was incredulous if they didn’t stop. The look on his face was priceless. He made us roar with laughter. Not everyone loves dogs but I cannot understand that myself. Mind you it wasn’t as if he didn’t get enough attention at home. He was a sock and tea towel thief. He would tease you with them then clench his jaws. God I miss him so much 😞 xxx

Bless him. My childhood Springer when I lived at home used to drag clean washing off the whirly line and dirty washing out of the linen bin. Many a time, my very "prim" Mum would be so embarrassed as a pair of her smalls appeared at the front door usually for the benefit of the postman. That was over 30 years ago and I still miss him. He was my dog. He even snapped once at my ex boyfriend before he was my ex boyfriend much to my Dad's pleasure. My Dad never liked him. Thinking of you xx

Omg that is hilarious. Such a character he must have been xxx

He was. I painstakingly took him to the "puppy" training class for 2 years until they awarded him the endurance cup. We left not long after that 🀨. His best trick was the down, stay where you turn your back and walk away from the dog. Rufus stayed down beautifully, I walked away and he followed me down the hall commando style on his belly. We had quite a few "looks" from the girly swot dogs. I totally get the sitting on your feet. A dog's love knows no bounds. You just have to let it be raw for as long as you need I'm very sorry to say πŸ™β€

He sounds wonderful and you have lovely memories as do I. Xxx

Absolutely, and You will enjoy everyone of Brodie Bear xx ❀

Yes I certainly will. Thank you so much xxx

Being childless myself I know the depths of your love for your fur babies and the huge hole they leave in our lives when they depart. But I also know they are always around us, just as Honeybug said, and occasionally I feel a thump of a tail against my legs or hear the purr of one of my long departed cats or the flutter of one of my two budgies. Maybe strange sensations caused by my Lupus or my tinnitus? I don’t think so. Our beloved pets are always with us and your fabulous heart for Brodie says it all. With love and hugs Cecily at what I know will still be a very difficult and sad time. πŸ’•πŸ€—πŸ˜‡xxxx

Yes you are spot on as usual. I was holding his casket the other evening and having a little cry and I felt something on my feet. I looked down and it was Dylan, he had never done that before but Brodie did it nightly. Dylan is also so much more affectionate with me. You understand exactly the depth of my feelings, my babies have paws 🐾🐾Thank you so much xxx


I am so sorry for your loss CP. Fur babies have a special place in our hearts and they know how much we love them as they do us. Sending you hugs at this sad time. XxπŸ’”β€οΈβ€πŸ©Ή

Thank you so much xxx

I understand the raw bitter pain you feel at the loss of you beloved Brodie Bear & my heart goes out to you ....we know how much you loved him❀❀

Yes we loved him so much and he loved us. Thank you xxx

I'm so sorry! It's so hard to lose our babies! They bring such JOY!

Yes they absolutely do thank you xxx

I'm so sorry. Our beloved friends are such a huge part of our lives, like children to us. I hope you're ok. I know how much losing Brodie Bear must be hurting you xxx

Thank you, yes he was our boy and such a huge personality bless his heart. We miss him dreadfully xxx

I'm so sorry. Losing them is just so awful. Be thinking of you xx

Thank you very much xx

Sorry for the loss of Brodie Bear.He spend his life with the people he loved. He could not ask for anything better.

Thank you so much xxx

Really sorry for your loss Cecily x

Thank you so much xx

Aw much love to you , I'm very sorry xxx

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CecilyParsley in reply to BonnyB

Thank you Bonny xxx

I'm so sorry for your loss. I totally understand the pain you feel. May your loving memories of Brodie bring joy to your heart and comfort to your soul. God bless and take care.

Thank you so much xx

Dear Cecily

I’ve just checked in , I’m so sorry to read about your loss . This happened to me a few years ago with my faithful molly . Really didn’t think I was coming home without her , broke my heart .

Take care . Thinking about you , sending love and kind wishes . πŸ•xxx

Thank you Willow. I am so sorry about your Molly. It is devastating is t it? Xxx

Hope dear Brodie was given a good burial and funeral service.xx

No we had to leave him at the vets and we got his ashes back xx

DeareCc, To you my heart goes out, my hand is shaking to the soul, but in our world of love and loss our fur babies never go. They are the Angel's, all around us, when you let your mind go, the wisps of sudden warmth and breezes, there breath you will know, they stay loyal threw the ages, they never let our hearts go. So when you hear him near you, at the moment you least expect, Brodie Bear is with you, as he never leftπŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸΊπŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– all my love and true blessings to you. Peace, The stormy sunshine xxxxxxxx

Thank you so very much Stormy. You understand the deep bond and love between our beautiful souls and us. I miss him so very much. When I got him I was still grieving my little puppy farm dog Meg who was always sick with autoimmune conditions . I was so sad and poorly I wasn’t getting out of bed. My hubby was working away from home so I was alone and depressed. Brodie changed my world. He was absolutely nuts as a puppy, zooming around, stealing socks, knickers, tea towels. Then came Dylan and my life became filled with love and laughter. How are you lovely? I haven’t been on the forum very much with my bathroom having to be ripped out due to a leak through the ceiling, then my hubby had a heart attack, then we lost Brodie. A lovely friend here said put it on the forum and others will support you. She was so right. Much love back to you and the gorgeous Storm xxx


I'm so sorry for your loss I know how hard it is to lose your fur baby, so very heartbreaking πŸ’” I lost my sweet Lucy end of March and I miss her very much. She was almost 16 and she hasn't been feeling good for awhile and 1 night she started having seizures so we rushed her to the emergency vet, we decided not to put her through testing and MRI and whatnot...we cried and held her talking to her even though she didn't know even the doctor was crying.

I am so very sorry for your loss. It really is heartbreaking. Neil lay on the floor holding Brodie but he was so sick he didn’t recognise us. The memory of how he looked the last time we saw him is stuck in our minds and we are not sleeping well. When we took him to the emergency vets he had been sick and had diarrheoa but he was wagging his tail and quite playful nibbling my fingers. After two days of fluids and antibiotics they said he was brighter but that they were not specialists so they referred us to a veterinary nephrologist. We went to pick him up and he couldn’t pick his head up, was moaning and drooling , his abdomen was so swollen he could hardly walk. My beautiful boy was not even happy to see us. There was no way we could put him through two hours in the car. He had only just had his tenth birthday bless his heart. I could not get down on the floor to hold him while he passed so it is a comfort to be able to at least hold his little casket.I hope that you too have that comfort. They certainly leave a hole in our hearts. Xxx

So sorry to hear your sad news CecilyParsley. Sending you a hugs πŸ€— πŸ€— thinking of you , our furry friends are so precious β™₯️ M xx

Thank you Maddymay hugs gratefully received xxx

Cecily, My heart is so sad for you. Our sweet furry babies mean so much to us. You gave Brodie Bear a wonderful life and your tribute to him is beautiful. Our babies live on in our hearts forever. When I read your post, we were getting ready to take Gigi for her spaying surgery. I almost cancelled it after reading about Brodie Bear. I got so frightened. She is home now and I hope she will recover quickly. I will keep you in my thoughts and Brodie Bear, too. I wish i had some magical words to ease your pain, but know that there aren't any.

Healing hugs.

Oh bless you. I am sure Gigi will be just fine. They recover so quickly. Sadly the vet thinks Brodie had been having kidney issues for a long time and they suddenly just stopped working. It was so devastating to see the deterioration in just two days. I would have done anything to try and save him but when he didn’t even recognise us we knew that we had to make the decision we dreaded. His photos are everywhere, his water bowl , bed and toys are still out still because I just cannot bare to put them away. In time we will have more happy memories than sad. Thank you for your kindness xxx

Gentle πŸ€—πŸ€—to you Cecily πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ˜”Such sad news. Your Brodie Bear had a good life n he was full of character as well as gorgeously handsome!! He waits for you at Rainbow Bridge 🌈along with all your other departed fur babies πŸ™πŸ’œπŸŒˆπŸ˜½πŸ˜½ xx

I really hope so Kat. It wouldn’t be heaven without them xxx

I'm so sorry Cecily xxx

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CecilyParsley in reply to kt11

Thank you so much xxx

πŸ₯²πŸ₯²πŸ˜ so sorry to hear of your sad loss , lost but never forgotten ay, I know you have fond memories πŸ™ŒπŸ» hope the pain eases soon πŸ€—πŸ€—xx

Thank you so much xxx

You must be missing him so much. Sometime in the future, I hope you'll enjoy looking through the photos and remembering all those happy times together.

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CecilyParsley in reply to Tykle

We really do miss him dreadfully. I broke my heart last night as Dylan was sniffing Brodie’s bed and he just started crying and no matter how much I held him and stroked him he just carried on bless him. He is missing his brother too. His photos are all around and the portrait of the two of them that we had done four years ago so he is very much in our hearts and still present in our home. Thank you for your kindness xx

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Tykle in reply to CecilyParsley

Oh Cecily, that's so sad when you can't explain to Dylan. Dogs sense things long before we do so perhaps he does know that Brodie was ill and will have an idea of why Brodie isn't there. It has been 25 years since I had a dog but I still reminded of them every day. I even have fond memories of the rolled-in dead seagull and wet dog smell after a walk on the beach! They leave a massive hole and are as much a part of the family as anyone could be. Thinking of you (big hug).

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CecilyParsley in reply to Tykle

Thank you. I have made an enquiry about a young dog in the rescue. I am terrified that it might not be right for Dylan but last night happened after his trip to the groomer. He and Brodie always go together happily but Dylan was terrified on his own and then when my husband went to pick him up he was reluctant to leave. Brodie was his security and comfort because Dylan is blind. 😞 xxx

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Tykle in reply to CecilyParsley

It's bound to take a while for Dylan to adjust to such a big change in his life but he will get there eventually. You should be able to take Dylan to meet a new dog at the rescue centre and at least you will be able to see if he feels comfortable with him/her. I'm sure the people there will be keen to help and will have an idea of which dog might have the right temperament for Dylan (and be lucky enough to have such a caring home as yours!)

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CecilyParsley in reply to Tykle

Fingers crossed πŸ™πŸ»πŸ€žπŸ»I will keep you updated xxx

So sorry to hear about brodie bear I know what it felt like when I lost Daniel our groomer sent us a sympathy card and inside was another card with a lovely prayer on it and some forget me not seeds to plant in his memory thinking of you xxxxxxxx

I am so sorry for your loss. The vets sent us forget me not seeds in a card too. Such a lovely thought. It just hurts so much doesn’t it? Thank you for your kindness xxx

So very sorry cecily at the loss of Brodie Bear. He will always be in your hearts. You must be missing him so much. Take care. XxπŸ’πŸ’”πŸ’πŸ˜ͺXx

Thank you Misty, he is so dearly missed by us all. He was such a huge character and gave the best snogs. We loved him with all our hearts xxx

I'm so sorry Cecily. I know your boys have always been the ❀ of your lives. Sending hugs to the 3 of you. x

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CecilyParsley in reply to Salzer

Thank you so much xxx

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